How to deal with these 4 types of annoying co-workers

Come to think of it, you spend most of your time with your co-workers. Either you’re fortunate to have grounded, considerate and easy-going colleagues; or annoying, draining and pessimistic co-workers on your side.

Let’s face it: we’re all different. Not everyone will get along with their co-workers (if so, congratulations!). But for the others, we bet you’ve encountered a bossy pants or a freeloader in your years of working. Don’t let these people get under your nerves.


The Gossip Girl (or Guy)

Don’t you despise hearing other people talk behind other people’s back; and figuring out someone talks behind your back? Office gossip could be juicy on the outside, but it’s ultimately a cancer within the workplace, too.

This co-worker works part time mumbling and whispering snarky remarks around the workplace. Regardless of the juicy bits, this co-worker is sure to keep talking in the office 8 hours daily; him/her with a mouth shut is rarity.  

Office gossip can be hard to avoid and can be tempting to join. But it’s always a smart move to keep yourself far from the murmurs. It’s not something you want to get involved in, it can be pretty messy once everything’s out in the open.

The Drama Queen (or King)

Otherwise known as the attention-seekers. You know what they do. They go to you to vent out, rant about, talk about anything and everything under the sun that concerns you the least which then results in draining your time and energy. These people also tends to one-up others. They’ve experienced most and knows more than you do. Hear them rant.

If you continue on feeding the beast, it won’t stop. Instead of responding with their drama, ignore their rants and respond with a I’m-not-interested message written over your face or give an honest insight.

The Know-It-All

You know their type. They’ll do anything in their power to let you know that they are and always will be right no matter the circumstance. And if turns out they’re wrong, they’d still believe otherwise. They know far better than you and can do (and have done) even better things than you have.

This co-worker can make you feel intimidated but if you get your facts prepared, it becomes easy to turn the tables around. If you get to work with this person, prepare supporting documents that can strengthen your input and place it above his. Don’t let this person ignore your inputs and ideas.

The Passive-Aggressive

You may confuse their actions however, you’ll know when someone is truly behaving passive aggressively. These are the people who don’t express their negative thoughts directly instead, they will agree but in an extent, resist.

Don’t let this person get under your nerves. Remain calm and keep your composure no matter what. People with this behavior are difficult to deal with for they can easily use your words against theirs—remember, they always passively agree with you. Always keep your cool and if in case you’re about to lose it, ask for their real and transparent insight.

Don’t let these four difficult co-workers interrupt your business. Report them to your HR manager or HR staff to put a stop on their banters.

How about you, which of these annoying types of co-workers have you encountered? Have you come in contact with other types that aren’t on this list? How did you deal with them? We’d like to know! Share it with us below.

About the author: Chie writes for the HR Dept UK. A professional and knowledgeable HR team that can provide services to your business through any stage of its life cycle and workforce.


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