How to cope with post-travel blues

Did you spend the holidays out of town with the family? Just got back from an international trip? If that so and now that you’re back to reality, how are you settling back at home and most importantly, at work?

Going back to work after a fun and adventure-filled trip can be a bummer. And you find yourself slipping into daydream while at work and your productivity at its low, that’s normal. What you’re experiencing can be post-travel blues—where you’re finding it difficult to get back to your normal routine and constantly daydream about being elsewhere but at work/home.  


Instead of moping around, convert this negative energy into something more advantageous to get your life back on track. Here are a few ways you can do to overcome post-travel blues:

Take your time

First of all, don’t force it. Give yourself enough time to adjust back to your daily routine. It can be pretty frustrating to go from a week-long relaxation to 8 hours at work, sitting, and in front of a computer.

How do you get past this? Take yourself a breather. The first few days will be unproductive for you so make sure that you take short breaks—get up and walk the halls or outside the building, Another thing, make a list of your daily tasks and deal with it one-by-one. The first few days will be hard, so take it easy.

Document your trips

Since you just got back from a fun and memorable trip and you’re itching to travel more, a good temporary solution to that feeling of agony would be documenting your recent trip. Surely, you’ve snapped many photos. Post it on your Facebook, make a video about your trip, or write about it. Whatever floats your boat, document that experience. Contrary to what you might think that this will only make matters worse, this will actually remind you that the trip is over and it’s time to move forward.

Do something new

Yes, relive your old hobby or pick up a new one. Do something different to distract yourself. Naturally, you’ll invest your time in this new discovery and hopefully, later on, you’ll overcome your post-travel blues.

Plan your next trip

Planning your next travel trip—looking which destination to visit next, cheap accommodations, places to list on your itinerary, foods to try, etc.—will give you a clear idea on how much it will cost you. Traveling isn’t cheap so be thankful that you have a job (so work hard!) to fund your adventures. This will then motivate you to get back to your tasks and work hard. If your performance at work is great, who knows, you might get rewarded with a higher paycheck or an extra day off.

Go on mini adventures

You don’t have to go far, hop on a plane, or spend thousands to go on an exploration. If there’s a museum around, that’s a mini adventure to take. New restaurant on the block? Food trip! A cheap yet nice hotel around? Staycation! Go people-watching in the park, walk a different route to work, go on an overnight staycation, treat yourself to a spa, watch a movie, and more—these are just a few examples on what you can do to satisfy your itchy feet.

How did you cope and get back to your normal routine after a wonderful travel trip? Share your experience with us!

Author bio: Chie sails from Parramatta.You can find her writing for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation in her downtime, the perfect hotel choice to stay in for both business or leisure.



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