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How To Choose Women’s Flip-Flop Sandals


Boots are good reason why many people love winter. However, you shouldn’t get over excited about wearing boots. Just like clothes, purses and shoes, boots can also break or make your day on the basis of your visual appeal. In order to look best, you need to match your boots with right attire. On Justfab, you can purchase high quality boots according to your style. In this post, we’ve discussed some good tips which can help you out.

Inappropriate for Black Tie Events
Not many people obey this rule, but it’s one of the most important rule. If you’re planning to attend black tie event, leave your boots at home. Pair of formal shoes is better for you. Boots don’t look good with formal attire. Picking the dress length carefully is one another useful tip. When you wear boots with dress, you need to pick proper length. It’s important to make sure that you balance length properly and wear short boots with long dress and vice versa.

Prints, Short Pants and Boots
This can result in dangerous combination. Thus, you need to be extremely careful when you try to combine printed pantyhose, shorts, leg pants and boots. You can only try this combination with flawless, long legs. There will be three vertical lines and three different materials. It is better to stay away from those outfits that involve boots ending right below the knees, print on the knees and short pants ending right above the knees.

flip-flops sandals

X-Shaped Legs and Boots
This can be an unflattering leg shape. When it comes to wearing boots, you should choose one that can give your legs a straightened look or one that hide the crooked spot. For X-shaped legs, ankle boots are not good. You should purchase mid-calf length boots to create a simple straightening effect. Over the knee boots can also be a good choice.

Match Styles Carefully
If you have purchased a pair of versatile boots, it’s important for you to mix and match some outfits with them carefully. There you need some style and base. In case your boots are trendy, you should choose modern outfit. If your boots are elegant, a sophisticated evening gown will go better with them.

Boots for Petite Girls
If you’re petite, you should try to overcompensate with massive platforms, like furry long boots or chunky wedges. When you purchase a pair of wedges, try to go with something that is feminine, sleeker and stylish.

Boots for Plus Size Women
The same rule applies for plus size women. You shouldn’t try to balance your plus size figure by wearing chunky footwear. Well shaped wedges, feminine high heels, flat riding boots and sleek are best options for you. They look classy with dresses. Tall boots can make your legs appear slimmer and longer.

Boots for Girls with Thin Legs
Last but not the least, a girl with thin legs can afford to flaunt her long legs in trendy, short dress. You can pair this with ankle boots and extra printed pantyhose. While purchasing ankle boots, you need to make sure they aren’t too loose. Such options can be easily purchased on JustFab.

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