How to choose toaster oven for your kitchen counter top? – 2018 Guide

Need toaster oven for your choosy kitchen counter-top?

Yeah, almost everyone knows that toaster oven is the hard working tool of the kitchen and versatile one in cook’s kitchen.

On the serious note, the market offers many types of model and brand to choose from but how will you find the right toaster oven for you?

Don’t worry here in this post I am giving you the essential tips on choosing best toaster oven that will be useful for you to choose best toaster oven according to your need and want.

So, lets stumble upon the tips!


Tips: How to choose toaster oven for a kitchen counter-top.

Look for available outlet

First of all, choose the place in your kitchen where you can directly plug in the wall rather than using extension board.

The reason:

The use of extension cord with toaster oven may cause a fire hazard, so it’s better to use direct wall plugin for safety purpose.

Measure the space of your kitchen counter-top

Before you shop like a pro make sure to measure the space (Width, Height, and Length) with the help of tap and write down the measurement on the book.

What is an advantage?

By doing this, you can get an idea which size of toaster oven will well fit for your kitchen at the time of shopping.

List down the features you want the most

If you plan to make toasts and other small snakes then you don’t need to invest in the large toaster oven, right?

It will only take your space and less efficient for you.

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But if you need to bake large family sized pizza or chicken then you may need to spend more for extra features and high convection capacity.

Once features are ready you will quickly decide which one is best suitable for your needs.

Want to free up space? Choose compact unit

If you want some extra free space for your kitchen, then small toaster oven is a good idea.

However, if space is not an issue, then large toaster oven can expand your cooking option from casseroles to whole roasted chicken.

Wait…there is more…

Many of you may wonder that so small toaster oven doesn’t provide more cooking options?

No, that’s not true.

This thing depends on capacity and interior and exterior dimensions.

Let me explain you.

Before buying toaster oven no matter it is large or small check the interior and exterior dimensions.

Exterior dimension should be the one that fits in the space you measured for your kitchen counter-top.

Interior dimensions give you the idea of how large baking dish will fit in it.


Check capacity how many slice of toast it can make and how cubic feet of interior space it has.

Generally 0.6 cubic feet capacity is enough to roast the whole chicken.

So, don’t forget to check the above terms before having the right toaster oven.

Choose toaster oven with verity of cooking settings

If you need to reheat the food or defrost it some of the toaster ovens allows you to do the same.

The bright side is that it saves energy and offers you the quick cooking option.

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The Panasonic Flash Express is the best example of compact and fast cooking time toaster oven.

Choose the oven with removable rack and tray

Every good toaster oven has a rack that slides up and down for comfortable cooking with different types of plate.

The crumb tray at the bottom, allows you to clean toaster oven hassle free.

Look for the special features

Everyone is busy with this modern lifestyle.

So, the features like auto shutoff and a longer timer will be beneficial for you.

When sometime you will forget to turn off your toaster oven auto shut off is an excellent feature.

If you want to cook abundant food, then a long timer will enough to cook anything.

Read the review carefully

After applying all these terms read the review from authority sites and choose the best suitable toaster oven for you.

Final Words:

I hope this tips will be helpful for you all.

If you follow this, all the tips then trust me you will never regret anything. Additionally, if space is not an issue for

you then go for large toaster oven because it has almost all the smart features and large cooking capacity.

You will surely get toaster oven that worth your every penny!

Have a delicious cooking!

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