How To Choose The Right Rug

Choosing an adequate rug can be really hard if you never done it before. First thing you need to focus on is the quality of the certain room you attend to put it in. You are probably aware of the fact that rugs are not cheap and that’s why it is best to look for some expert advice’s before deciding to purchase one.  There are certain things you should have in mind while choosing the right rugs for your space.

Color of the RugThe color of the rug
The color is commonly a good starting point when buying furniture and decorations which can enhance the quality of your living space. If you room already has a lot of colors you might want to stick to single-color rugs or you can choose a neutral color and use the rug to complement the furniture you already have. It is easier to choose a rug with various colors, shapes and patterns if you are planning to break to monotony of the room. The best way to choose a rug is by purchasing it before any other pieces of furniture.

Make sure that you pay attention to the color tones of your floor because the right combination of your floor and your rug will have a good influence on the aesthetics of the room. The wall colors are playing an important role as well so be careful when choosing the right paint. Creating balance form the very beginning will provide the best results so try to keep things simple.

Dimesion Of RugThe texture quality
This aspect is commonly overlooked while choosing the right rug, but in fact it is very important. Creating a room with various kinds of textures will increase the quality of the room and in order to make a good match you must pay most attention to the texture of the rug. The existing furniture should be a good guidance for a successful choice. If you have furniture made out of leather material you should choose more fluffier rugs and if your furniture is closer to a velvet fabric you should opt for something like a sisal rug.

Always have in mind the maintenance of the rug so if you don’t have adequate equipment for cleaning you should consider something more practical.

Dimensions of the rug
This part you probably figured out by yourself but it is best ask around for some advice just to make sure you don’t make a mistake.

The rug should cover the entire area of your furniture and this mean that you don’t have to fill the entire place with your rug. It would be ideal if your furniture can fit all over the rug and not just with the front legs. The whole point of having a rug in that particular area is because of your feet and if you are placing the rug under the dining table than you should be able to pull the chairs back and place every leg of the chair on top of it.

RugThe position of the rug depends on it purpose. If you plan to put the carpet in the children’s room than you will probably want to look for one that can cover every inch of the room. You can place a rug in the corridor and match the patterns with the length of your hallway. Avoid placing pugs in front of the window and under the dresser if possible. You do not need to look for a rug made out of wool because you can find a lot more materials that can complement the aesthetics of your interior.

If you opt for a smaller rug you might want to consider buying rug pads in order to prevent slipping or tipping over it. There are some pads made out of recycled materials and eco friendly materials which is a much better choice than the regular ones. Most modern rugs require a well organized place in order to provide the best visual effects on a particular room. Before you decide to go and buy a rug you should do some research on interior aesthetics and look for some creative ideas on how to create an adequate ambient for rugs and other pieces of furniture.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom and a part time writer interested in topics related to home improvement and interior design. Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by RugMaster.

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  1. Nice article about this topic 🙂

    Cleaning and maintaining should not be a problem since most of the newer vacuums have cleaning attachments for rugs and carpets.

    This is especially important for families with kids and (longhair) pets, since vacuuming is a fast way of cleaning the floors, especially with suitable attachments.


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