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How to choose the right rose for every occasion


Flowers are perfect to give and receive for any occasion. It’s never inappropriate. Who doesn’t like receiving flowers, right?

Sending flowers to someone you care about speaks volume about your relationship. It’s one way to express your appreciation to someone and how you feel for them for any occasion, from anniversaries to “get well soon” flowers.

When it comes to sending roses for any event, there’s an unwritten rule when it comes to the association of different types of roses to a corresponding occasion. From the range of different colors, to the different type, and certain arrangement, the versatility and practicality of roses can be apt for any circumstance.


Birthdays Wishes

Any birthdays coming up in a few days? If you’re looking out for the best gift but not quite sure whether they’d like what you’re thinking to get them, a fresh cut of yellow roses can convey how much you care for them and how thankful you are for their existence. Of course, you can opt for different colored ones and mix them up. But depending on the recipient, choose the right color/s accordingly.


As we all know, red roses are the one to pick up for a romantic night or to spice up the moment. May it be your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday, proposal, or simple date, a bunch of red roses will surely convey your message across of how much meaningful your significant other is  in your heart.


Soft and muted colored roses are the one to send for expressing sympathy. With roses being used for years and years to convey our deepest feelings and emotions, its color and types have developed meaning to them. White roses are often sent for sympathy to express honor. On the other hand, soft muted pale pink roses are traditionally sent to express sympathy.

Get well soon flowers

Flowers are a common pick-me-upper which is why there’s no question that sending roses to someone ill to wish them a fast recovery or to wish them well is a great way to make the recipient smile. Also, nothing can top how heartwarming sending an arrangement of fresh cut roses of any or multiple colors along with fruits or chocolates.

Show of gratitude

Flowers symbolizes many things, but generally it is a symbol for appreciation. Dark pink roses, or any color in the same shade range, are the perfect bunch to express your deep appreciation of gratitude for someone. If you’re unsure of how to show how much you value a person in your life, send them fresh pink flowers to convey this feeling. It will definitely light up their face.

Picking the best roses appropriate for any occasion is a must to ensure that you’re sending the right message across as the different types and colors may signify different meanings. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to go wrong with freshly picked roses.

About the author: Fond of anything floral, Chie writes for Roses Only, one of the world’s most iconic rose brands. They supply roses with genuine long stems from the finest producers in the world.

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