How to Choose the Perfect Bunk Bed – Sure Ways

Choosing the perfect bunk bed for a child is more complicated compared to other furniture at home. When parents are selecting bunk beds, there are more concerns that they think about before purchasing.

Perfect Bunk Beds

Above all of the other concerns, the child’s happiness on their new bed. However, the same with other types of furniture, before purchasing, there are things to determine. Here are some ways to choose the right bunk bed.

Always Measure the Space

Measuring Tape

Bunk beds are perfect for small spaces, and they naturally fit in. However, there are tons of benefits that bunk beds can bring to large rooms as well. Before purchasing a bunk bed, make sure to measure the space of the room. Besides the area, also include the ceiling height.

There should be at least a two-feet space between the ceiling and the bunk bed to avoid any bumps. The height of the bed varies as the average height of a bunk bed is 5 to 6 feet tall.

For the floor space, always keep in mind that a twin bunk bed doesn’t need as much space as a standard twin bed. The floor space usually is designed with unique features as drawers or an under-bed cabinet.

Determine the Type of Bunk Bed Needed


There are various types of bunk beds, and there will surely be a type that can fit the buyer’s budget. Buyers have the freedom to choose the bunk bed they want, depending on their needs. Most bunk beds fall into two categories, Lofted and Basic. Depending on the design and type, choosing the right bunk bed can cater a person’s needs.

Choose a Material

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Typically, bunk beds are from wooden or metallic materials. They are also available in different colors that will match everyone’s need.

Wooden bunk beds use various types of wood, such as oak, cherry, maple, and pine. Bunk beds out of wood are easier to repair than the metal ones. It also offers a rustic feeling and provides more comfort to the users.

Metal bunk beds give an industrial appearance and a modern feel. They are cheaper compared to wooden bunk beds since most of the materials are not hard to find. But, metal materials can be a little dangerous because it can hurt a child’s foot when climbing. Also, they are difficult to repair.

Choose a Build Style

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A standard twin size bunk bed may work best for children, but there are still other styles of bunk beds available. There are bed companies that manufacture bunk beds that will fit older occupants.

The style of bunk beds can be both ornamental and simple. People must weigh both style and comfort before choosing the right style of the bunk bed.

Picking the Right Mattresses

Right Mattresses

Most twin bunk beds come with sprung mattresses. They are perfect for kids that don’t need much support. Sprung mattress options include an open coil that offers equal support, especially at the center. It also provides an even distribution of weight and a pocket-sprung that has pressure point support.

There are also foam mattresses that are both durable and comfortable. For people to achieve comfort, the mattress should be at least four inches thick in between the user and the surface of the bed.

Determine the Features Needed

Besides on giving comfort and saving space, bunk beds are also perfect because of the unique features included. Parents can manipulate bunk beds and use their features to their advantage. Among the features include storage, play features like tents or slides, and a study area. Keep in mind that the manipulations should depend on the needs of the child.

Bunk beds with pull out beds or futons are the best options for children who love to have sleepovers. There are a lot of choices for bunk beds that a shopper can buy depending on their desires.

Make Sure it is Safe

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Among the things listed above, this option is the most important. Always look for the safeness of the bunk bed. Besides style and comfort, bunk beds must be safe for a child’s use as well.

Check all the safety feature of a bunk bed like foot boards, headboards, guard rails and stairs. It is also important for parents to explain the safety rules to their children about the use of a bunk bed.


There are a lot of things to consider when buying a bunk bed. Besides the style of the bunk bed, the size, type, and safety are important factors in picking the right bunk bed.

Since bunk beds are perfect for large and small spaces, knowing the features included in a bunk bed must be considered as well. To complete the comfort that the bunk bed brings, the mattress of the bed must be on the list of priorities.

With all the needed things, parents and shoppers can choose the perfect bunk bed that will fit their style.

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