How to Cash your MBA

You had been dreaming of this day for a long long time. You had a flare for business, your own business, and were always looking for the right track. You have now decided to pursue Masters of business administration. You are however not sure what major subject to chose in final year but that really doesn’t matter now. All you need to focus on is the journey ahead. The entire educational voyage will bring many challenges you will have to face and many opportunities you will have to cash. So let us see what tips might get you more successful with each step.


Work hardest in the first year: it all depends on your credit hours, the more hours you will have to accomplish the longer will the journey be. But no matter what ever your prior education is, keep in mind that the fundamental year holds the maximum importance. Take for example all subjects that are introduction to the final year major programs. For example, introduction to marketing is a course that will just give you an overview of the entire program of marketing. If you do not focus on these subjects well enough, you will have a hard time making final career choice. Once you are taking the courses ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I like the subject?
  • What interests me most in this subject?
  • Shall I pursue this field (marketing, finance, supply chain etc)?
  • How many contacts do I have in the relevant field?
  • What are my grades for each exam I took for this subject?

It is very important that you look at grades; many people say that grades do not matter and it is passion that overcomes everything else. I totally disagree. Sometimes students are so confused that they chose passion over their natural abilities. In corporate world it is not passion that only matters, you have to excel and that happens when you have the proper abilities.

Make connections –lots and lots of them: many people say that you have to use your MBA card quiet smartly, it is very true. As an MBA student you can attend events, workshops, seminars and conduct various interviews. All this while keep an eyerv on how things work in offices, how people behave in work environments (this will save you a lot of embarrassment and learning later) make sure you always ask for business cards of people you meet, may it be a manager or an operational executive, you have to make a connection.

Be an active part of societies: today I have seen students excelling with support of their societies. In universities there are many societies namely literature, media and publications, arts and craft, debate and public speaking society etc etc , being a student of MBA you have to make sure that your exposure is wide . Interacting with various people through these social platforms will give you a lot more experience and confidence as Learning is not always restricted to books.

Final year decisions: keep in mind that whatever you decide in your final year will shape your future accordingly. You decided to do your majors in supply chain; you will have to pursue a career in that field only. As a fresh graduate you will not have much experience and your knowledge of relative field will get you an internship most likely. Also it is advised that if time and resources permit, students should go for a bi-majors, this gives multiple options!

For any kind of Help regarding your career, you can utilize these consultation services . Best of luck to all those fresh graduates out there !


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