How to care for your skin this summer

Summer is downright the best season to don your favorite floral dress, your bikini body and let go of the inner bohemian in you. Of course, let’s not forget about the succulent seasonal fruits the summer weather offers.

With the season’s full glory comes inevitable repercussions on your skin. The harsh rays of the sun have its goods to offer, however, too much exposure, especially at threatening hours, gives more harm than good.

Protect your skin and stay well-hydrated, inside and out, so you can enjoy this time of the year with little to no worries. Here are our best five tips and no-sweat ways to care for your skin this summer.


Hydrate your lips

Yes, sun protection for those irresistible pouts is a must! A lip care that contains SPF 15, at least. Consider lip balms as well as it good for hydrating and stays on the lips for longer hours

Stay close with H2O

Keep your body cool and hydrated. Internal dehydration can lead to unbearable dizziness and headaches. In this season, water is your best buddy to keep not just your body hydrated but your skin at bay as well.

Nothing works wonders than water. It’s accessible anytime, anywhere. Not only does this element satisfy your thirst but it also aids in flushing out toxins and waste accumulated in the body. Having a hydrated and clean body reflects into a glowing and dewy skin.

If you like, you can opt to treat yourself with fruit juices and green tea. Green tea is high in antioxidants which is a great way to eliminate dead skin cells.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Keeping that healthy glowing skin requires regular exfoliation. Sure, moisturizer is an important element to keep your skin healthy however, it isn’t enough. Do you ever wonder how much layers of dead skin you have lying on your face and body?

Proper exfoliation gets rid of all the accumulated dead skin you have. The process is simple and relaxing at best: use an exfoliating sponge or massager in order to scrub off all the dead skin from the body. You can use your favorite exfoliation product or use a homemade scrub. Gently rub the scrub in a circular motion on the face and entire body for a good 3 minutes. Rinse off after.

As much as possible, do exfoliate at least three times a week.

Watch your food intake

This may sounds cliche however, it’s true to its words: “You are what you eat.” And what you eat and digest shows on your skin.

Whoever said that food has no ties with beauty should be fed with junk foods as punishment. Too much consumption of snacks and salty foods have a dehydrating upshot on the body. Those acne breakouts you’re having right now can be caused by your diet so do watch out for that.

Include nutritional, high-water-content products in your diet such as watermelon, cucumber and all the leafy greens as these components are high in nutrients and antioxidants. Also, the green vegetables are known to help dissuade levels of stress and increase your immune system — making you safe against the warm weather.

Sunscreen is your primary weapon

In this season, sunscreen is your best protection against the harmful sun rays. Always bring this with you and apply it on whether your indoors or outdoors. Be sure to choose for those containing SPF 30 or higher.

Sunscreen prevents skin darkening and most importantly, skin damage. If you resist applying them, the damage can be too difficult to identify as it is naked on the eyes and you may only discover it when it’s too late. Let’s avoid it from happening.

Reapply sunscreen every two hours and as much as you can, stay indoors from 10 am to 4 pm window time as these are the times where the heat is the most damaging.

What other routines are included in your summer skin care? Share it with us!


About the author: Chie is a writer for Geniale, a Skin Cancer and Medical Aesthetic Center that exists to achieve brilliance in cosmetic, medical and surgical care and to promote wellness and wellbeing in all they deliver.


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