How to Calm a Crying Baby

Babies cry. It is their way of communicating their needs. However, if your baby is wailing for hours on end, it can become quite frustrating. Especially in the first couple of months, when you are still uncertain how to interpret their cries. Asking other more experienced parents is an option, as long as you refrain from comparisons and expectations, because no two babies are the same. You will need to devise your own strategies, put them to test, and see how your baby responds. In the end, experience is your best ally.

Crying Baby

Here are a few tricks that could help your baby to calm down.

The basics

The most common reason why babies cry is hunger. If your baby is putting its hands to its mouth, smacking its lips, or turning its head towards your hand when you want to stroke its cheek, these are almost certain signs that your little one is hungry. Another common reason of baby’s cry is a dirty diaper. It is an issue that is easy to check and remedy. Sometimes your baby just needs to sleep, but is distracted by all the sensory stimuli and everything that is happening around. Wrap it in a soft baby sleeping bag, hold it close and sing it your favorite lullaby. Make it feel safe and secure.

Sleeping Baby

Tummy troubles

Colic is a rather vaguely understood condition, which is defined as inconsolable crying that lasts for more than 3 hours a day, at least 3 days a week, at least for 3 consecutive weeks. Most often it is caused by gases. Lately, there are numerous over-the-counter anti-gas drops on the market, but before using any of them, consult your babies paediatrician. Instead of drops, your can try a simple tummy massage, or try putting your baby on the back and moving its feet gently as if the baby is riding a bicycle.

Colic vs High Needs Babies

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The sounds

Babies respond to buzzing sounds. Leaving the faucet to run, or keeping a hair dryer on can soon calm your baby and magically get the baby to sleep. If you are worried about utility bills, download an app that imitates the sounds of household appliances.

Holding Baby

The Hold

Dr Robert Hamilton became an Internet attraction after posting his video on YouTube in which he shows his magical Hold that quiets a crying baby every time. It could not be simpler: Fold the baby’s arms across the baby’s chest, and secure them gently with your one hand, while placing your other hand under its bottom, and gently rock the child back and forth at a 45-degree angle. However, Dr Hamilton emphasizes that this technique works on babies that are two to three months old. After that, they become too heavy to be held like this.

Driving around

Have you ever noticed how your baby calms down when you drive it around? Some say that this is because the vehicle reminds the baby of the womb. There is the rhythmic sensation, the rocking and buzzing, which turn on baby’s calming reflexes.

Try using these tips next time your baby will not stop crying. And hang in there.

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