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It has never been easier to have your voice heard online. With free blogs from BlogSpot and WordPress, a person can sign up for a blog instantly. From there, it is blank canvas to begin writing about what tickles your fancy. For those looking to use a free blog to begin blogging, there are few simple ideas they should keep in mind if they want to develop a readership and really cultivate a following for their writing and will eventually lead to a best blog.


Write What You Know

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make when starting out is that they try to anticipate the type of blog that would be popular, rather than focusing on their own area of expertise. Sure, a blog about do-it-yourself car repair might be able to find an audience quickly, but if your automotive experience consists of holding your dad’s tools when you were a kid, it might be best to pick another subject. Even the driest, most boring subject matter likely has people that want to read about it.  If the content quality is good and you are providing relevant information, people will return to your blog. And if it is something you know well and are passionate about, that will be reflected in your writing. SEO Vancouver expert shared 6 blogging mistakes which should be avoided here.

Find Your Voice

This is something they tell students in Creative Writing 101, but it is very true: find a writing style that works for you, that engages with the reader, and that fits your personality.  If you have a quick wit and love to make people laugh, certainly try to inject some humor into your posts. If you are someone who doesn’t necessarily like to make jokes or doesn’t typically make people laugh, then don’t try to insert jokes or quips just because you think your readers would want that.  If you have a way with language and can write wonderfully descriptive phrases, then you should incorporate that into your blog. But if you find those descriptions distracting or think they get in the way, don’t bother with them. Just make your writing straightforward with no-frills. Readers will appreciate whatever style you choose so long as it is apparent that it is authentic.

Share, Share, Share

The proliferation of blogs has made it incredibly easy to start one, which is good and bad. It’s good that any writer can have a public medium for their work that is freely available and can be found on search engines; however, it is bad because there are literally millions of blogs and it is easy to get lost amongst a sea of dead blogs.  Therefore, if you want to develop a readership, you’ve got to get on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and start sharing. If people like your content, they will then re-share it, and on, and on… The more this happens, the more people will bookmark your site and return, and the more Google will realize that people want to see your content.  They will then move you up the search rankings, exposing you to a wider audience.

Create a Professional Website

Using WordPress, you can create a professional looking website for free that users will find appealing and easy to navigate. Simply download and install WordPress premium themes and plug in your content. If the site looks clean and professional, people will be more willing to take your writing seriously. If the site looks like an amateur website or looks like something that was just slapped together, people will judge your work before they’ve even read it. With a clean, original theme, it will look like you have put some time into your website and people will treat you like a professional writer.

Register a Domain Name

While there are many free blogs, they often have something in the URL that identifies it as a free blog. With a unique URL, people will be better able to remember the title of your blog and remember the URL should they want to come back and visit. It will also seem more professional because it will be clear that you have spent some money on the blog instead of just taking the free URL. If people know you have spent money on this, they will know that you have invested more than just time into it and they may be more inclined to give it chance.


It has never been easier to have a platform for your writing. If you have something to say and want the world to read it, sign up for a blog and begin writing. As you grow more accustomed to writing and grow more used to the routine, you will find writing comes naturally, maybe even becoming something of an obsession. The more passionate you become and the more you write, the more people will want to read you.  With just a little bit of time, money, and effort, you can have a professional and best blog in no time.


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