How to Build Relationships With Social Media Influencers

It’s getting much harder to gain attention these days. We’re all overwhelmed by social updates, marketing messages, emails, and even a bunch of snail mails. But we still pay attention to people who are important to us. We still listen and take their advice and opinions to heart.

Most of us ask for suggestions from friends or family before buying or taking action. A lot of people also search social networks and read online reviews for recommendations and advice. And sometimes, these valuable people that we consider influential are people whom we haven’t met personally.

Influencers can be celebrities, journalists, bloggers or just individuals who got higher views in the industries, marketplaces, or our social circles.

Getting to know your influencers means focusing on what they do. Listen to their interviews and podcasts, watch their videos, read their updates, posts, and articles, observe their updates and know their interests. Comment on their posts and updates and share them, but you should do it sincerely.


These are six ways to take those promising short-term relationships into something enduring and sustainable.

Think Long Term

Establishing a long-term relationship means investing your interest, attention and time on the other person. Communication is important which means listening more than talking and viewing things from the perspective of your influence agent is paramount. Make sure you won’t look as if you are only making contact when you need something from an influencer.

No one wants to receive a call just when someone needs something. You will be quick to disregard that type of relationship in your personal life, which could also apply to business.

Meet Personally

To have a successful influence marketing, many SEO experts suggest that if possible, meet your influencers face-to-face. Personal conversations offline are indispensable and can be helpful in taking a warm business relationship to the level of friendship.

Take any opportunity of going into industry events or any travel which can bring you to their part of the world, to meet with them. No matter how short the meeting is, those personal meetings can greatly help build relationships with your influencers for longer-term friendships.

If you organize relations suitably, a delightful volume of the relationships can lead to genuine friendships. Buy them a drink at the next conference, thank them for their time, call them on the phone just to check on them, and congratulate them on wins. Your relationships with influencers should not ignite only when you need them.

Thank Them

It seems very obvious, but some people always forget to say thank you. You can send them a very quick thank you via email.

Compose a short, handwritten note of thanks which is even more valuable nowadays since only some of us can still receive handcrafted things, that’s why you will stand out among others. Just ensure to deliver your gratitude and make it simple but sincere.

Put in the Time

In some cases, no one can get to know someone just for very short moments. While there are some exceptions, most relationships need time to develop. Regularly putting in the time is an important part of taking a promising relationship from campaign participation and initial contact to a long-term business relationship.

You might find it beneficial to establish a system of tracking so that you can recall the last time you socialized with your influencer. You should always be willing to spend your time with the influencers.

Deliver Value

Look again at things from the perspective of your influencers. Think of the things they consider as valuable, make sure you can introduce them to the folks within your network, and consider offering them other projects as well. As you get to know them, you will eventually discover possibilities to serve as a resource and deliver value.


Most of us have networks of individuals with whom we share conversations, ideas, and content. Use your networks, and those of your organization or company, to help your influencers grow. Share the content they produce and assist them in building new audiences.


You might already know that word of the mouth is one of the most efficient forms of marketing. Most importantly, potential customers are much more likely to be open-minded to suggestions from a person whom they trust and respect than to advertisements or other corporate messaging.

In the new world of digital relationships, word of mouth recommendations extends well beyond suggestions from family and friends into the field of influencer marketing.

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Philip Sadler is one of the thought leader and expert from Brisbane SEO. As the CEO of, Iman spends his time studying and learning the new, different progress in the Digital Marketing field.


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