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How to Budget in 2016


Budgeting is upon the top of the list for many of our New Year’s resolutions. It’s something that is critical for families to do, to remain financially sound through the upcoming year. You might have plans to add more to a retirement fund, save up for a new car, or plan for your child’s college attendance. Regardless of your goals for 2016, planning for a healthy budget is important.

Our lives take us through various stages that force us to make financial decisions that can have implications for the rest of our lives. High interest rates can affect our amount owed on a loan, and credit card debt and repayment can affect our credit. These are all things that must be taken into consideration when it comes to making healthy financial decisions.

Recently, a “Journey of Life” map was created to assist those with financial decisions that must be made during one’s lifetime. Some of the common life decisions include attending college, planning for your first job, planning for a family or marriage, and considering retirement. By visiting the Journey of Life map, we can visit each of these milestones, and become more informed by making healthier decisions for our financial situations.



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