How to Brighten Your Smile

Don’t worry if your smile is not as bright and beautiful as you would like it. You’re not alone as a lot of people feel the same way but they don’t lose hope. After all, there is always a way out to get the desired result as far as your smile is concerned. You can try one of these solutions to brighten you smile and regain the confidence you have been losing all along. You can try them to make your teeth appear brighter and whiter without going the cosmetic way. These beauty tips are tried and tested, so no need to feel apprehensive about them.


Let’s look at some beauty tips that can help brighten your smile –

1. Choose a right lipstick

Make sure you choose a right-toned lipstick to get the smile you so desperately crave. Your choice of lipstick will have an impact on your smile, and this must be understood well. If you go with orangey tones or deep reds, this may make your teeth appear more yellow than they are. Dark shades should be a big no when you plan to flash your smile to the world and charm people around. You can rather go with a lipstick with blue undertones or genuine reds as that can add glow and brightness to your smile.

2. Pick the right kind of bronzer

If you want to brighten your smile, you just can’t go wrong with the bronzer. Without a right product by your side, you won’t be able to make your teeth look brighter and whiter. It would be a mistake to using the oranges as it can make the teeth look anything but white. If possible, stick to the natural make up as it will let your smile stay as attractive as possible. You should pick taupe-toned bronzers to accentuate your smile and give the teeth a whiter-looking shade in all season.

3. Highlight the eyes

If your teeth are not as beautiful as you wish, you can then shift the focus away to the eyes. That will help take people’s attention from your teeth and put where you want them to. You can accentuate the eyes and ensure the focus is less on the yellow tones in your teeth. You should look to try eyeshadows in purple, silver or blue colour if the winter season to there to make your eyes look stunning. On the other hand, you can choose bright green and turquoise in the summer to make your eyes look truly captivating.

4. Put emphasis on your lips

If you think your teeth are not whiter and brighter, you can then look to highlight your lips to make your smile as beautiful as you want. You can apply a lip liner and gloss around the lips; and go with a light concealer for the outer border of the lips. This is how you can make the lips look fuller than they are which can make the teeth appear whiter against the lip colour. This simple make-up trick can help you flash a dazzling smile at the party and charm the people around.

5. Eat More Fruits and Veggies

You can eat more fruits and veggies and make your smile look beautiful than it is. A lot of women trust strawberries when it comes to whitening their teeth and achieving a bright smile. This fruit can whiten the teeth naturally and you can try it even after having gone through whitening procedures. Fruits and veggies like apple, celery and carrots are crunchy and have high amount of water which makes them good for washing away plaque and getting rid of stains. This is how your smile can turn beautiful and you can gain the much-needed confidence boost.

6. Coat Teeth in Petroleum Jelly

Coated teeth will naturally not allow plaque and stains to ruin the smile. Why not then use petroleum jelly and get the coating that can improve the beauty of your smile easily? This will help give your teeth a shiny look and feel. You can consult a nearest dentist and discuss more about ways to improving the look and feel of your smile. After all, you deserve a great smile which is not hard to get.


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