How To Become A Professional Electrician

Electrician services are required by every homeowners and business owners. You often get into the situations where you want the services of electrician immediately at site because you do not possess that knowledge. A layman is not allowed to do the work of an electrician. You need to hire an electrician if you find any electric problem in your house. But do you ever think how to become a professional electrician?

An electrician is basically a person who is responsible for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment. An electrician is a highly skilled professional who generally possesses expertise in the field of electrical and electronics. An electrician is provided with the continued and efficient running of electrical systems and breakdown or preventive maintenance of the same. However, easy it may sound but acquiring the skill of an expert electrician takes years of practice and a deep knowledge of electrical circuits and systems.

To Become A Electrician

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Starting your career as an electrician requires few steps which need to be followed.

  1. Being a minimum of 18 years of age. Being an electrician involves high skill and added dangers of working in and near high voltage electrical systems which would be unsuitable for anyone under 18 years to be working in. The minimum criteria of becoming a certified electrician in most countries are 18 years or above else it is considered as child labor.
  2. It is important to have a high school diploma in the specified field or an equivalent in the general field. Certification in specified field is extremely important to be able to understand the prerequisites of this job. Possessing a diploma in Electrical engineering or systems is essential for a person to understand the general problems of failure in electrical machines or systems. It is also important to ensure a continual growth in your career.
  3. Your physical and medical condition needs to be absolutely perfect. Any form of disabilities or physical deformations would eventually hinder your development in this specified field. Working as an electrician involves both physical and mental effort and hence the overall physical appearance is important. An electrician is required to have a certain BMI as per the height and weight. Many countries opt for detailed physical examinations prior to hiring an individual as an electrician for an organization.
  4. You need to choose the right vertical of being an electrician. A general electrician can look over a wide variety of electrical maintenance and repair activities whereas a specialist electrician can only attend to faults n specific machines or electrical systems. In general, a specialist electrician has more demand and more pay than a general one since he acquires an unparalleled knowledge in his specified field.
  5. A proper course and a 4-year classroom program need to be taken in order to become an electrician. This program is generally supported by IBEW, NECA, and IEC. Such programs and its relevant certifications help you progress as an electrician in your career and do not hinder the overall growth of an individual working independently or in liaison with any organization.
  6. It is important to earn a certificate in technical from any vocational or training academy. Having a technical certification is very important since it guarantees that the individual is highly skilled and possess detailed knowledge.
  7. Staying up to date with the norms, laws, and regulations that need to be followed by electricians is important. Being aware of such regulations enables the electrician to maintain a standard code of conduct and also remain impervious to any unfair means adopted by the Visioning organizations.
  8. Acquiring a government license is a must to become an electrician. Not having a license might end up hindering your overall growth as an electrician and keep you limited to a contractual workman. Also working as a skilled electrician without a license is prohibited by law.

Keeping these prerequisites in mind, an individual can easily progress in life choosing electrician as a job profile and developing a career in the specified field where they can later train to become managers or supervisors.


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