How to Assess Your Personality Before Becoming a Life Coach

Are you into life coaching because of the money? If so, the answer is no – you should not become a life coach. While this business is quite lucrative, the only people who actually make good money from their life coaching are those that put people and their wellbeing on the top of their list. If they fail to do so, they fail at being good at their job and they do not earn enough money. Therefore, the secret to having a lucrative life coaching business is lowering money on your priority list.

Do I Genuinely Like People?

You will have to spend a lot of time talking to all sorts of people. Some of them – you will like, some of them – not so much. Either way, you will have to do what is in their best interest and inspire them to do better in their life. Having genuine empathy for people and wishing them best is important for this line of work. You will need to act as a supporter, cheerleader, and encourager.

Can I Be Objective?

As much as you mean well and want to help, you also need to know what is above your possibilities. You are not certified to offer therapy to people and you need to be objective and notice if any people coming to you suffer from severe depression or anxiety. Those should be sent to a doctor and offered real therapy. You should inspire people to think positively and realize their goals, but you also need to help them face their downsides. For this, objectivity is of the utmost importance.

Good Listener

Am I Prepared to Pursue Professional Development?

It is best to give up on life coaching altogether if you are not ready to pursue constant professional development. You cannot expect for people to trust you to make them better if you are not ready toconstantly work on bettering yourself. Different seminars, official coaching skills training, courses, and forums are available for new and experienced life coaches alike. Find them and pace yourself on your mission to becoming the best life coach you can be.

Am I a Good Listener?

Regardless of how much you have to say, your life coaching sessions will be better and more effective if you do more listening and less talking. People that came to see a life coach have already made the first step toward a more successful life. They have the positive attitude needed for a solid start. Therefore, listen to them and listen well. People usually know what their weak spots are and what holds them back. It is just that, sometimes, they are not aware that they know these things. You need to learn all you canabout them and discover a way to help your clients achieve their goals.

Am I Afraid of Taking Responsibility?

While you will be a witness of many success stories, there will be those days and those clients who blame you for their failures. You need to be prepared for that as much as you are prepared to be thanked for the work well done. Practice your responses and think about your reactions in time.

Life coaching is very rewarding. However, not everybody is prepared to pursue this career because it requires a certain level of empathy and selflessness that not many can achieve. If you have these qualities and a glowing charisma, then go for it and start helping people better their lives.

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.


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