How to Asian Wedding Cake: Not Just a Dessert Anymore!

There are so many people all across the world who celebrates their big day which is a wedding of course starting with cutting the cake. Indeed, the concept of Asian wedding cake as compared to other countries is different. But the question here is why people cut the cake at their wedding. Needless to say, that wedding cake is not just part of the ritual, but people have made it. The multitier huge, mouth relishing cake is enjoyed at so many weddings that you definitely would not want to miss being part of it.

Cake Cutting: A Tradition

In tradition an Asian wedding, cake cutting is not apart. It is a concept followed rigidly on the west side but later as the time has changed, there are so many couples across the world who insists on cutting the cake irrespective of the size of their wedding. Have a look at some the marvelous Asian wedding cake being cut at the traditions


White Cake: A Sign Of Beauty

This more than a coupe you can say is for the bride. The wedding cake in white color is no longer available but needless to say in the past, it denoted the sign of beauty and purity. The families and couples plan to have this type of Asian wedding cake that will keep the faith in the partner for one another. However, this is not a belief being followed anymore but now people simply cut it as a part of the celebration. That is why often in the wedding you will find the cake of any color being popularly cut. However, few couples still prefer choosing the white cake believing it to be the reflection of choice rather than the typical social belief. But the choice is all yours completely.

Cake Cutting

The practice of the cake cutting ceremony at Asian weddings also started followed by the western tradition. It is all about the couple holding the knife together and cutting the cake. It is said to be the very first act which newlyweds together do. The bridge would then share the cake piece to her husband while the husband does the same. It is all about the care, love, and nurture that one other people get. Most of the people find this part as the perfect moment to get the candid picture clicked.

Sleeping On Crumbs

Earlier there was a tradition to serve a wedding loaf to the guests. And those guests who were not married would scramble the crumbs right after the groom does it on the head of the bride. This is a belief that there will be a future spouse being noticed soon by these unmarried people. Of course, the flowers of such tradition are mostly from the younger generation and more specifically the women’s side. But nowadays, even if these layer of sponge and cream cake is being served, it is not crumbled anymore feeling that it simply is a waste of food and a lot of mess. But yes, the celebration indeed continues.

The Top Tier

Usually Asian wedding cakes or any other style of cake that you may see at the wedding, you will notice it is at least 3 tiers. The bottom side of the cake is served at the reception area while the middle one is simply as the wedding favor. Then comes the smallest one which is at the very top which is said to be saved and eaten on the first anniversary. The custom, however, is dying in countries like the US as many people now believe in ordering and eating the fresh cake for their anniversary because of course cake loses its taste and gets spoil in a year.

Shows The Class And Wealth

It is believed by the rich people that elaborated cake shows the class and high standards. In olden times, such type of cake by the rich always had some fancy piping done with embellishments and towering tiers. But things, of course, have changed. These days, modern couples rather prefer to have this cake emery as a piece of celebration and don’t want to show off with the fancy one.

Searching The Hidden Charms

It is said that hidden charms hen ted to the ribbon inside the cake should be searched well. It is basically for the bridesmaid which is being practiced even to date. Every lady will have to pull different ribbons while showing others what she has found. This means. The charm may vary. If the lady finds a hart then it symbiosis the true love while if someone fins a flower it signifies the blossoming relation. It is very rare but believed that those who find an engagement ring is said to be the lucky one getting married next at the altar.

Surely there are so many wedding customs that are followed all across the world. If you are planning to book an Asian wedding cake for your big day, then understand that the above-mentioned customers are all your choices. Wedding customers besides are evolving too and there are so many changes in the society that are being reflected already. The same goes for the traditions of cutting the cake which in western culture has already become history.

Quick Tips To Choose The Right Cake And The Baker

You must plan the wedding cake theme and design well in advance as bakers would need time to come up with the best one. You need to do good homework with regards to the professional bakers around and then decide on whether the option that you have chosen is the right one for you or not. Meet the experts personally and talk to them about the expectation, flavor, and design that you want to add to your wedding. These are just basic tips but it is always better to have your idea told to them which they might want to amend with a more or fewer change to make this cake look amazing.

A wedding is a big day and of course, you don’t want to take any risk at all. So focus on choosing the right type of Asian wedding cake. It should be loved by all, be sufficient for all, and appreciated by all. Time to close the laptop and go ahead on choosing the right delicious cake that surely would give you the most amazing one you had always been wishing for! A wedding is a big moment that comes once in everyone’s life. You don’t want to ruin it anyway so be careful in choice.

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