How to Acquire Essential Travel Hacks for First Time Abroad Travelers

Traveling abroad for the very first time makes you both excited and nervous. You’re excited because you’ll be gaining new experiences and making new memories in a new place. At the same time, you’re nervous because it’s a foreign land which you’re not very familiar with.

Also, you become worried because you might not be sure of the ways you must take to prepare everything for your travel. It’s normal for first time abroad travelers since everything will be a new thing outside home.

You don’t have to be so stressed about it because there are several travel tips you can get from particular reliable sources. The key is to know the ways to acquire those hacks. Below are 5 easy strategies you should consider so you can get travel hacks without hassle but with fun as well.  



It all starts with your own effort to look for important information about the travel you are about to take. Do your research about your destination. Look for all the relevant things that you should know.

From there, you will get good ideas on the famous tourist spots, food places, accommodations, transportation and many more. You can also read about the seasons that certain places have, so you’ll know what kind of clothes to prepare. Read about the rules they have.

Research about the destination so you’ll be even more enthusiastically looking forward to your first ever travel abroad.


As part of your research about the destination’s general and specific information, read travel tips that particularly focus on it. It’s possible that you may not agree with all the travel tips you’ll see or that you won’t agree with some, so just pick what’s suitable for you.

Reading travel tips online is a very essential and helpful tool because you are informed of things you do not know about traveling and traveling to the place you’ve chosen. At the same time, you are also reminded about basic things you usually have the tendency to overlook.

When you’re in a hurry and when your mind is full and busy, there are many things that you might forget. Even though you actually know them, you tend to leave some things unnoticed, which results to flaws in your plans. Travel tips online let you remember the things you might miss.


If you want more visual content personally taken and made by travelers, you can also check out travel vlogs or the video form of blogs. You will be informed and at the same time entertained by them.

Basically, the vlogger shoots while traveling, so in a way, it’s like you’re with him/her as you watch. It’s like you’re also traveling since vloggers document the important parts of their trip. Aside from that, they tell you about the prices of food and other stuff so you’ll have an idea if ever you plan to go to that certain place as well.

Some travel vloggers also do challenges on their trip. For example, some assign a budget that they should only stick to when it comes to shopping. It’s like a mission they want to accomplish to make their travel more exciting and to make their viewers enjoy too.

You can actually learn a lot of travel tips, more customized, more casual and more detailed, based on the first-hand experience of the vloggers. Also, if you are considering to do a vlog yourself, you can get ideas from their content.


Vlogs were mentioned previously. They’re so helpful, but as videos, you need to mark the points to know the portions in which certain travel tips are mentioned.

Never forget blogs which you can just read on your own to know other travelers’ experiences. The advantage of blogs that vlogs don’t really offer is that you can get and understand information very well even without the need to start playing the content and continuously doing until the end. You can just scan through the blog and skip parts without actually missing a lot. You can always go back reading to the parts you missed.


Don’t hesitate to ask travel tips from your friends who always travel or who have experienced going abroad. They are your closest human reference to get some ideas for your first ever travel.

One of the good things about having a traveler friend you can ask is that you can ask whatever you want. When you look for information online, you know well that many sources produce the same results, which makes you feel like you’ve reached a dead end.

Also, there’s a big possibility that you won’t be satisfied with the online search outcomes. If you ask your friend, you can even get suggestions you’re not looking for.   



Because it’s your first time to travel, you need to get all the significant information that will help you to have a hassle-free and enjoyable abroad travel. There are many ways to do it, so choose what you think is best for you. You can also do everything on the list! There’s zero problem!

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