How to 3D Digital Orthodontics May Revolutionize Dentistry

3D digital printing may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of dentistry but this technology is conquering the world. It is one of the most dynamic aspects of healthcare that is in vogue today. 3D printing is ideal for creating the in-mouth devices for treatment and dental models.

3D printing innovations have a great impact on the patient as they offer exclusive ways of getting a better understanding of what will be involved in their treatment which will ensure enhanced comfort and also a better outcome.

The 3D printing technology is slated to double its investment in the coming few years. This technology is also going to offer more than 50-60 percent of the dental requirements by 2025.

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Scope of 3D Digital Orthodontics in Dentistry

3d technology can be used in a number of ways in dentistry as said earlier. Here are some of the applications of 3D printing. Just read on.

  • Craft an Orthodontic Model –The prevalent technology involves making the patient bite an uncomfortable clay or gooey so that it can get hardened into a mole. This turns into the initial model for designing Invisalign braces or teeth aligners or other types of implants. With 3D printing, this is not the case. A dentist can utilize CAD or Computer Aided Design for scanning the teeth, designing a cosmetic dental appliance and finally printing in-house the final product.

  • Repair or Replace a Damages Tooth – The patient’s mouth is scanned with the help of a mini digital wand. This creates a 3D image of your mouth and then it is saved as a file in the computer. CAD empowers the dentist to digitally produce the design of the tooth and use a printer with 3D technology to get the product printed.

  • Surgical Tool Construction – 3D printers cannot only construct the cosmetic implants but they can also generate the guides of drill that are required to get over with certain processes.

  • Production of Bridges, Crowns, Dentures, Caps and More – Dental implants can also 3D printed by using the CAD technology. The only alteration happens to be the materials used in the process of printing.

Perks of 3D Digital Orthodontics in the Dental Care World

The world of dentistry has banked on labs to produce bridges and crowns and other types of dental implants since many years now. But what is the point of changing to 3D technology? Here is a guide that will help you have a better idea why more dentists are embracing this digital orthodontics.

  • Services Get More Accurate and Faster – 3D orthodontics permits multiple appliances for printing all at a time while manual model-making happens to be quite time-consuming. Accuracy also happens to be quite improved as 3D printers are responsible for converting the digital images into tangibles by printing thick layers of 16-17 micron one over the other. The more accurate results and the enhanced production capacity benefit both the patients and dentists.

  • Money is Saved by Patients – The high expenses of running a lab is mirrored in the bills of most patients. With the assistance of the outdated technologies, a solitary implant can cost you much more than what is expected. The 3D printers decrease the overhead costs by more than 75-80 percent. This way the dentists can also pass on saving to the patients.

  • Money is Saved by Dentists – The dental laboratory is a significant cost for any dentist. Added to that when you can employ the capable staff to produce significant overhead cost, it is quite a lot of investment. Thus, there is a huge overall cost to run a dental lab successfully every year. When you compare this to the one-time investment of 3D printers it is just a one-time cost and is almost one-fourth of the investment for running a lab even after you consider the lifetime cost.

The above are some of the ways in which digital orthodontics may revolutionize dentistry. Once you embrace 3D digital orthodontics, the implants will be modernized to a greater extent like clear aligners, they will be easy to construct and both dentists and patients will benefit from it. That is why this technology is amassing immense popularity and is soon going to take over the dental world and transform it to match pace with the modern world that demands greater accuracy and enhanced convenience.


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