How to Save Money on a Round the World Trip


Travelling can be an overwhelming experience. Travelling is all about fun, memories and life experience. Yeah, you are right! It’s just not just about that. Travelling is also about lots of planning, making lists, shopping and “budgeting”. “Money” will take you anywhere on this blue planet. Yes! You don’t need to be rich – but have to be super creative …

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How to Eradicate the Single Parent Debt Issue easily?


Single parent debt is sort of a problematic thing which can make you pay an excessive interest rate on your own. Single parents usually tackle a number of issues due to it. With the help of proper debt solution guide, you can feel the ease and avoid a number of issues easily. Here, in this post, you will be looking …

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How to keep tabs on your finances for millennials


Take a moment to review your bank account, credit history and statement account, and peek at your wallet. How’s your finances going so far? Creating a budget and maintaining it is already hard work in itself. Looking at the numbers and taking a moment to realize where your money goes and how little you’re able to save for a rainy …

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How to achieve financial literacy


How are your finances going so far? If you think you’re not in your best state in terms of finances, you’re not alone in thinking of yourself as financially illiterate. A lot of people struggle with financial management. It’s not an easy feat; you earn, spend, and save. Looks easy and simple on paper but it can be a pretty …

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How to get yourself out of debt


Stop what you’re doing now and take a quick run through of your debts, how’re your finances doing? We’ve all been there. Getting yourself trapped in a never-ending debt cycle is a dreadful nightmare we can’t wait to wake up from. Later on, you’d realize you’ve been in this hell hole of a nightmare for a long time—it’s become a …

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How to handle taxes for students


Doesn’t it feel good to be a student—carefree, parties here and there, and no major responsibilities yet other than academics? Yes, maybe, for those who think that’s how it is. College isn’t all partying and skipping classes like how most teen and young adult comedy movies seem to show. University students, those who are over 18, actually have a whole …

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