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How to start living a healthy lifestyle


When people say they’re practicing (or trying to) a ‘healthy lifestyle’, it’s more than achieving their weight goals. Living a healthy lifestyle is about a better quality of life—how you should live to achieve the healthiest mind and body you wish. Often times it means shifting to a more healthy lifestyle means cutting back and eventually, completely on your vices, exercising more, getting quality sleeps at night, eating more mindfully, and the works.

There’s no need for you to undergo an instant and drastic lifestyle change. Transitioning to a healthy lifestyle requires a lot of discipline and includes a number of big changes that your body will need enough time adjusting to (i.e. eating more fruits and veggies, fewer sweets, more exercise, etc.).


You can start your road to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with simple yet significant changes. Here are five small changes to become more healthy you can incorporate into your routine:

Maintaining a healthy diet

One of the primary and at the same time, the difficult part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is practicing a clean diet for keeping your weight management at bay. Don’t go on a strict and restricted diet at once. Your body will be in shock. Slowly introduce your new diet to let your body adjust to the change. Eat more fruits and veggies, cut back on sugar, count your calories, and find healthy alternatives to add to your diet.

Know what type of diet works best for your body. You may want to consult with an expert for this or do your research on your own.

Walk whenever you can

Your 9-to-5 work may attribute largely to your frequent gym skipping and infrequent at-home exercises. After a long and tiring day at work, eating dinner, watching TV, and finally going to bed sounds like a better option than going to the gym after.

If you’re having a hard time finding a great time to squeeze in working out in your schedule, you can opt to walk more for now and of course, whenever you can. Walking is a great way to combat your sedentary work life.

Don’t give in to stress and negative thinking

Starting this journey can be stressful at first. It is a big change and takes a lot of discipline and commitment, but it’s a change that will boost your way of living and quality of life.

Kickstarting your road to the healthy lifestyle is the hardest part. When you’re finding the change hard, thoughts of going back to your old lifestyle may come up along with other negative thoughts. This can be discouraging, but don’t give in to it! Overpower these nonsensical thoughts with positive ones.

Exercise regularly

A healthy lifestyle is not healthy one if you don’t have a regular exercise in your routine. Exercise is tantamount not just to your body but to your mind as well. Whenever you don’t feel like busting a sweat, think of what you like doing that is a workout on its own. You might like running, yoga, playing badminton or frisbee, or as simple as walking your dog. So long as you break a sweat, that’s better than nothing at all.

Do something that you enjoy

A healthy mind should be equally a priority as a healthy body. Do what your heart wants from time to time. Take a break from work. Maybe on weekends, you can spend a day volunteering at an organization or people-watching in the park. Find the time to finally practice what you’ve always wanted to try, whether it be writing or photography, do it. This is all part of living a healthy lifestyle, so fill your heart with joy and fuel your passion.

Getting into a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean making extreme and instant changes. Incorporating these simple steps to maintaining this lifestyle should help you kickstart your journey. Best of luck!

About the author: Chie is a daytime writer for Manettas, an online & interactive seafood market that allows customers to have access to a variety of fresh seafoods without leaving home.

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