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How to Save on Style and Spend on Life


If you feel you are spending way too much on trivial things, or if you already have the habit of discovering the cheapest deals for everything, you are on the right track. That track simply being a reasonable lifestyle that allows you to spend money on things and activities that actually matter. Here are some tips how to save that penny and still look good so that your outer look could be only improved by whatever you choose to spend your saved money on.


Beauty Salon at Home

One great way to save money on something unnecessary is to teach yourself how to…take care of yourself at home. If you are used to get manicures by professionals, you would be surprised by how nice your nails can look if you in fact do your nails yourself. With plenty of articles and tips online, you can even turn such a procedure into a fun learning experience. What can go so horribly wrong? There is always a nail polish remover. The same goes for things like doing your eyebrows or spoiling yourself a bit with body scrubs and special oils. Despite the fact that it is you yourself who would do these things, it can still be truly relaxing: why not to make your favorite tea and put on some music you enjoy? You will be even more relaxed knowing you have just saved yourself a ton of money.

Second Hand Fever: Yes, Please!

If you haven‘t yet, do not be afraid to visit second hand shops. One thing, they usually offer a surprisingly broad range of items that would be difficult to find in regular shops at once otherwise. From vintage hats and retro shoes to clothes that are back in fashion this season: just take a look and choose something that you wanted to be the most recent addition to your closet. Another thing, second hand stores can provide you with a certain kind of happiness. That is, knowing that anything you like in the shop you can actually afford! Blue jeans or grey jeans? Why not both? Five bucks well spent.

Clothing Recycling

Keep Truckee Green once said, “If everyone in the United States would recycle their clothing and textiles for one year rather than throwing them away, it would result in saving of carbon emissions up to 30.6 million metric tons.”  Back in 2012, the Asos Marketplace revealed that their female customer-base had £1000 worth of aged clothes in their wardrobe which they had not used from years. One smart move for you is – Selling your old clothing for cash.

Sales, Sales, Sales

Naturally, do not turn your back at some incredible sales. Black Friday at Macy‘s is definitely a good example of prices being sliced in a way to accommodate even the cheapest customers, though you can get useful updates from your favorite shops if you simply sign up online for their promotion emails. Even though not all deals may seem good enough for you, there is a good chance you will be able to buy something you wanted to have for some time for much less than its original price, that so often seems too high, right? Besides, shops tend to provide their loyal customers with even better deals and more of them, so there is simply no reason not to jump in. Essentially, why not to use the deals the stores offer? They are there to allow you get the item you wanted for some time.

Affordable Lifestyle, Cheerful Life

There is a some kind of liberation in the knowing that you do not need to spend a fortune every time you want to invest in your closet or your beauty. With the right attitude and the right knowledge, you can cut your expenses on things like that easily and without even looking that much different from an expensive alternative. Try to use the tips mentioned above and see for yourself how much fun it is to save on things that simply do not need to use up half of your income each month. Spend less, live more.

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