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How to Save on Electricity – Alternative Options


The most difficult part about moving to the city used to be the hassle of finding the best accommodation. However, Nestaway, with its listings of houses for rent in Goregaon Mumbai and other urban areas has really simplified the process. The app shows you the best options within your budget helping you choose the most optimal choice.

Living in a city like Mumbai, however, does not come cheap. Not only do you have your rent to take care of, but the additional overheads too- like the cost of living, eating and commuting. Any penny saved in any of these areas is always welcome for most of us, and sometimes we fail to realize that little things we change or do can really make a difference in the amount of money we spend every month.

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High electricity bills are a result of overuse or misuse of electrical appliances, You can blame it on super-hot days when the air conditioner runs all day and night, and days when you forget to switch off the geyser or iron box and realize it only at the end of the day, thanking your stars that nothing went wrong. While these are exceptions, one thing that we do not realize is that a few little tweaks and changes in our electricity usage can really help us save big on that bill which a lot of times surprises us at the end of every month. If you live alone in a rented flat, having to pay more on electricity and other bills can be a strain on your budget. Find a shared flat for rent in Goregaon, Mumbai, split your electricity and utility bills with your flatmates.

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Here are some more ways in which we can save money on electricity bills.

  • Go solar!

Solar water heaters and other appliances can really go a long way in saving you money in the long run, so getting one installed or moving to a locality or building which has solar water heating system is a great option to save some big bucks.

  • Use your air conditioner smartly

Remember one rule- 24 degrees is the ideal temperature if you’re looking to be comfortable, A lot of us tend to set the AC to the lowest temperature to beat the heat quickly, but that also quickly makes your electricity meter tick. Set your AC to 24 degrees to ensure a decent temperature and save big on your electricity bill. Most air conditioners these days also have self-timers, so you can set it to switch off after a couple of hours when the room has become cold enough.

  • Get the right light
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Lighting is another aspect where you can save big. Compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs can be up to 5 times more energy efficient than your normal regular bulbs. These days you have them in all sorts of tints and colours, so they can provide the same lighting, but at a much cheaper cost. Another great tip is to make use of natural lighting in the day as much as possible.

  • Switch off your appliances

Leaving the charger on or keeping the TV on standby mode does not drastically increase your power bill, but it slowly adds up. Switch it off from the main switch when not in use as they end up draining small amounts of power.

  • Upgrade your appliances
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The older the appliance, the more energy it drains. You might be surprised to know, but the single door non-frost-free refrigerators and CRT televisions take up way more energy than their newer models.

Lowering your electricity bills is not going to be easy, but with Nestaway finding Pgs, Apartments and Houses for rent in Goregaon Mumbai is definitely going to be easier.

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