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How to Protect Teens from the Internet Menace


Though the perks of the Internet for young generation are indubitable, it also carries some serious endangerments such as pornography, cyber bullying, and online sex crimes. With the increasing prevalence of mobile phones and computer systems equipped with the internet access, it has become hard for parents to ensure the safety of their kids online.


The statistics indicate that almost 93 percent of kids of 12 to 17 years of age have internet access and 73 percent of kids between the ages of 12 to 17 own mobile phones. With the social networking sites, kids post their personal information without considering the consequences and permitting the predators to access them. Almost 73 percent of teens have profiles on social networking platforms and 47 percent of social media active users upload photos and videos. More than 1.8 billion photos and videos are uploaded on social media each day. A majority of such type of sharing platforms including Facebook and Instagram contribute to cyber bullying. Nearly 1 in 3 teens of 12 to 17 years have experienced online harassment. As well as social media apps, there are some dangerous instant messengers and dating sites like Tinder, Kik Messenger, Ask.fm, Yik Yak and Tumblr that put teens at risk letting them interact and hook up with anonymous.

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An Overview

An Australian based software company has designed a mobile application to facilitate parents and help to monitor teens to cushion from the internet hazards and real life perils. Loaded with hundreds of features, TheOneSpy cell phone spy app is compatible with mobile devices running Android, iOS, and Blackberry operating system. Once you successfully install the app on your kid’s phone, you can monitor and operate the device logging, track SMS of mobiles onto an online TOS account.

This mobile app lets you get the internet browsing history of your kid’s device so you can find out what your teen is looking for on the internet. Whether it is Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, Safari or whatsoever browser, you can find out your teen’s surfing activities instantly. The data comprising the URLs opened on the spied device, the time and frequency of each URL visitation are updated on the online account. Such information will get you know when your teen would be exposed to an inappropriate site or adult content.

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Social media IMs Monitoring

Keeping tabs on the use of social media and IMs can help prevent teens from engaging with scoundrels, and this is only possible with a spy app. This application allows parents to track some most popular apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Viber, Skype, Yahoo and some most dangerous apps such as Tinder, Kik, Zalo, and Tumblr. Parents can spy on calls and messages comprising text, stickers, and emoticons sent or received on a monitored phone via instant messengers and apps for socializing. Moreover, it allows the parents to view installed app list and the friend list including newly added, blocked, or deleted friends.

The Snapchat Events feature allows parents to read the self-destructive messages sent or received via Snapchat app. As your teen would use this photo-sharing app, this feature will start taking screenshots of screens with an interval of 3 seconds.

In addition to the social networking sites, chat rooms and dating apps, another door that a predator can use to approach your kid is the email. The probabilities of a bully communicating to your kid through emails are higher, so make sure whatever your kid is receiving or sending through these emails does not go out of your sight. Fortunately, you can read the content of all incoming and outgoing emails as well as the information about the sender and receiver of those correspondences.

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The Bottom Line

The liability lies with parents to educate the kids about using the internet safely and responsibly. Have discussions with them and ask open ended questions about the menaces of the internet, online child predators, and cyber bullies. Take help from parental control applications to make sure your kid does not expose to inappropriate material on the web. Monitoring can help you take measures to control a situation that can go against your kid, but it cannot be supportive all the time. So, more importantly, guide your kid how he can secure himself from bullies both online and offline.

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