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How To Make A Hotel Experience Extra Special For Your Romantic Getaway


Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary, Valentine’s day, or honeymoon, or simply taking a time off from your busy schedule to catch up, spending the day and night in a classy hotel with the love of your life never fails to put you in the state of euphoria.

If you’re planning to travel with your significant other, here are some of the simple ways to make your hotel accommodation experience more romantic and unforgettable.


Let the hotel know about any special event

If you’re celebrating a special event with your loved one, make sure to inform the hotel. The staff will take note of your occasion and let you celebrate in a more memorable way. Cake, fruit platter, chocolates, and champagne or wine are some of the things they may provide upon your arrival.

If you’re planning to do something special for your partner, such as giving a bouquet, scattering rose petals all over the bed, or having an intimate roof deck dinner, the staff is also more than willing to help take your surprise to the next level.

Pick the best hotel room possible

Since the hotel accommodation is considered as your temporary home, the room’s size, views, comfort, and privacy matter.

Book a room with bigger square footage
If you want a larger room for the same price, more often than not, corner rooms are your best bet. Hotel rooms with sofa beds also are likely to be bigger.

Ask for a room with a view
Corner rooms also tend to have panoramic views. If a corner room isn’t available, ask where your room is situated. Is it facing a breathtaking ocean view? Or a not-so-pretty parking lot? Is it facing east, where you’ll be greeted by the sunrise, or is it facing west where you can catch the dramatic sunset with your significant other?

Ensure privacy and tranquility
Noise and foot traffic can easily disrupt your sleep and personal moments together. Try to reserve a room at the end of the corridor. Since they are farthest from the noisy elevators, they tend to be quieter. They also receive lower foot traffic.

Think about romantic amenities
Aside from a captivating view from the balcony, go for a room with a hot tub, a king-sized bed, and a fireplace. These hotel accommodation amenities allow you and your partner to make the most of your relaxing romantic getaway.

Revamp your room

Do something a little extra. Cliche as it may sound, but surprising your partner with a low-lit room adorned with flowers never gets old.

Dim the lights
While the lights are low, you can turn your lover on. Hotels usually have a dimmer switch so you can tone down harsh lamp lighting and set the romantic vibe. You may also turn it off and let the candles alter the aura of your room. A handful of tealight candles does the trick.

Fill the air with an irresistible aroma
Spray the room with your partner’s favorite aroma – something he/ she can never resist. Just to give you an idea, lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, vanilla, and orange are the top irresistible scents you may use to set the mood.

Play some romantic music
Have a piece of romantic music playing while you sip your favorite wine together. If you don’t have the budget for hired instrumentalists (and you have no musical talent as well), you can bring some travel-sized speakers and create a playlist of music your partner loves. It doesn’t have to be a violin or saxophone solo – you can play Queen and Beatles and still spark romance.

Go out

Of course, romance doesn’t only take place inside the suite. Check out nearby places that you and your partner would love.

Seize the nightlife
Aside from the classic dinner date outside, you may explore nearby bars and lounges and get lost in the beautiful music while drinking beer and cocktails. You can also catch a fireworks display.

Have fun under the sun
Before checking out in the afternoon, don’t forget to explore beautiful locations near the hotel. You may visit a park with a panoramic view, have fun in nearby amusement and adventure parks, or check out some museums.

Explore in-house facilities
If you don’t feel like going out, you may familiarize yourself with the hotel’s facilities and services. You may hang out in the hotel lounge for a quick drink, hit the pool, go for beauty treatments, or take a spa break and enjoy personalized massage sessions together.

Author Bio: Mina Natividad is one of the writers for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation, a modern hotel in Western Sydney known for their exceptional accommodation, service, and location, which appeals to travelers in Australia. She has always been passionate about giving in to her wanderlust and collecting mementos from different places.

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