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How to Learn More About The Development of Autonomous Vehicles


Self driving cars are making a large scale impact on the motoring industry. With their development and advancement, it’s important that consumers stay on top of advancements and potential pitfalls that arise as a result of their research and development. Like any other advancement or new gadget, testing and developing the most efficient, yet safest product takes several months, if not years. With this being said, it’s no wonder self-driving automobiles are still in the development and design stages.

Learning more about their development can take a lot of time and additional research for the everyday consumer. Since media sources rarely report on their development, it’s common that only car enthusiasts and traffic safety advocates have the knowledge and expertise of their progression. Self driving automobiles are inevitably a part of our future ways of commuting, and without staying on top of their development, you may feel left in the dark.

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Whats surrounding the discussion of self-driving automobile development?

There are several questions that we should ask when determining how we can learn more on the development of future transportation methods. One of the most intriguing questions one should ask is- will self driving cars have the ability to make moral decisions in the event a split second should be made? How will developers have the ability to program autonomous vehicles to make rational decisions when determining whether or not to swerve through a pedestrian crossing to dodge a family of four? Though these types of decisions have been made, the development of self-driving automobiles will require these types of questions to be answered for the safety and well-being of its consumers.

Other gray areas need to be addressed through the design and development stages as well. How will moral decisions be handed in the court of law, in the event that an accident arises where one self-driving automobile reacts different than another in the same type of situation? In this case, the moral algorithm would be researched, and it would most likely be determined that the purchaser of the vehicle willingly was informed of the types of decisions their autonomous vehicle could make, resting the blame on the passenger. As you can imagine, this has the potential to cause many more future debates that could land manufacturers and self-driving automobile purchasers in the hot seat when it comes to determining fault.

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Another largely debated topic is the question of the level of control that should be provided to self-driving cars. Experts are known to be divided on the topic and whether or not the vehicle should base its decisions on simple logic or deep learning methods. In addition, self-driving automobiles may be transporting passengers who may not have the ability to safely operate a vehicle, hence their decision to purchase a self driving automobile. Will the user or the automobile ultimately make the final call in the event a decision should be made quickly? Many users may believe they should have the ability to control vehicles in this type of situation, though it’s important to consider their ability level when this comes into play.

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There are many additional questions that users of self-driving automobiles should consider, and there are plenty of ways in which consumers can learn more on how their development is panning out. To view some of the top questions that have arisen as well as responses from some of the experts, feel free to view the expert roundup below.

Autonomous Vehicles

Infographic Source: https://www.bruninglegal.com/self-driving-cars/

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