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How To Kiss Like A Pro – 7 Steps


An impressive kiss makes your partner unforgettable. This is probably what everyone who is in the relationship is looking for. To have such kisses, you have to prepare a lot of things, particularly; you have to master all the steps to have a perfect kiss. However, if considering kissing is a kind of art, not everyone is the artist in the field. Thus, the article will introduce you seven necessary steps on how to kiss like a pro.


  1. Determine Your Relationship

You cannot force a kiss if they do not want to kiss you. So, make sure they want to kiss you. In many cases, you can ask her straight whether you can kiss her or not. However, many women seem very hesitant to answer this question. Therefore, it is up to you to have a polite or straightforward behavior. Practicing listening when falling in love with someone can also help you understand the psychology of the other half to take the correct action. Therefore, to have an impressive kiss and make your partner happy, you must first determine whether your relationship is ready for a kiss or not. Let’s investigate his or her reaction through more intimate gestures than usual. If your partner responds positively, then congratulations, you can start the journey to conquer the person with a memorable kiss right at that time or times later.

  1. Keep Your Breath Fresh

Everyone wants to have a sweet breath when kissing a lover, as this is one of the factors that determine whether your kiss is passionate or not. Bad breath will cause you to “lose points” pretty much in front of the partner. Therefore, you should keep oral hygiene thoroughly not only in your dating evening but wherever you are. This means you should brush your teeth twice a day and clean your teeth often. Another tip is that you should not eat garlic or smoke if you are going to have an appointment, especially if you and your partner are going to give a kiss to each other. Apart from breath, keeping the fragrance on the body is also an important factor in having an attractive kiss on your lover. It is possible that the smell of sweat on the body will interfere with the atmosphere of the dating. However, the scent of perfume or soap can also reduce the attractiveness of the kiss. Kissing is not only felt through emotion but also through the sense of smell. Therefore, make sure you have a good body odor and a good smell when dating.

  1. Start

During this step, the key to success is eye contact and facial expressions. If you are a boy, all you need to do is looking deeply into her eyes. At that moment, she will understand that you love her so much and want her closer. Right after that, let’s combine with a gentle, light but warm smile so that she can feel your happiness when you are looking at her eyes. Nevertheless, that moment is really important since it can arouse her feeling. Hence, you should avoid looking at the ground, looking over or even looking at other people. This is a sign of embarrassment, unhappiness, even disrespect for her. When you are close, you should also choose the right time and space, avoiding the noisy outside influencing the kiss. So, where the perfect kiss should be taken place is the first concern for those planning to kiss. For the reason that, a special place will give you and your loved one’s great inspiration and make an impressive kiss. Instead of continuing to select the usual places for kissing, why not create and impress her with more interesting scenes? A furtive kiss in the crowd, a motivating kiss on the top of a mountain, a peaceful kiss in a far place, or a romantic kiss in the candlelight will be a great experience for you and your lover to enjoy together.

  1. Choose The Most Appropriate Posture

The key to success in this step is intimacy and tenderness. As you step closer to conquer her with a burning kiss, you should have yourself the most comfortable position to enjoy each sweet moment without being interrupted by muscle strain or fatigue due to uncomfortable posture. You also do some tender and intimating gestures with her. You can put your hands on her cheek, caress or grip her hands, combined with a mysterious look and a smile. For sure, she will not be able to resist your “charm.” Kissing is not just about touching the lips, but it must be combined with the proper head tilt which can make you easier to breathe and more comfortable when kissing. If you tilt your head to the right (or left) first, she will react and tilt her head to the other side. Besides, remember that the hand is an important tool to make your kiss more memorable. You can use your hands to gently lift her chin, take her hands or hug when kissing. This can make your surprising kiss more attractive. Thus, if you are grabbing the initiative, you should be the one who starts the proper posture first.

  1. Be An Insider

To become a pro in the kissing step, you should be an insider gently and slowly. The lips touch the lips to enjoy the sweet taste of the kiss. You should keep the kisses not too long and too wet and make sure that you do not finish too fast or make any unnecessary movement when kissing. In reality, there is no rule for kisses, but you also need to start your kiss gently. One tip for boys is the 90/10 rule, that is, you, boys get to close to her lips of 90% and the remaining 10% should be decided by her. Then let’s sip and enjoy every bit of a taste of love.

  1. Use Tongue When Kissing

The first kiss is usually related to the lips contact. For a kiss to become more passionate, you can use your tongue when kissing. However, you should not use your tongue suddenly while kissing, but use your tongue to probe her lips. Once you understand what you need and open her lips a little, let your tongue spit in and explore her tongue in a gentle way. You should also note to control the saliva when kissing to have a romantic kiss.

  1. Finish

When the sweet kiss ends, let’s move it slowly and look at her with a loving gaze and a warm smile. At the same time, you should show delight and satisfaction obviously on your face. You can also whisper in her ear what your feelings are with the words like “great!” This will make her happier and contented. Stay close and intimate; even you can end up with a tight, warm hug. Enjoying a sweet kiss with someone you love is a happy thing. So even if it’s only the first “test”, then do not forget to praise the partner later. Kissing is meant to be fun and show love, so you try very comfortably, do not worry too much.

Try to apply the steps above to have a romantic kiss with your loved one, not only for the first kiss but also in the next.

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