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How To Have a Great Office Christmas Party In The Office


The nights are darker, the jumpers and boots are out and the heating is on. It is officially autumn and that can mean only one thing; time to start planning the office Christmas party! While Christmas may seem some time off yet, if you don’t start planning now then all the good suppliers will be fully booked and you may be left making up cold sandwiches and listening to the radio in the corner for your office party.

Booking a venue or hiring out a restaurant for office party can cost a small fortune at any time of the year but prices often soar at Christmas. You may not have considered holding your office party actually in your office but with these simple ideas you can transform your office space into a space where you and your co-workers can celebrate the festive season in style.

Office Christmas Party


Your colleagues will need refreshments throughout your office party and what better way to add a touch of glamour to your party than with a mobile bar which you can hire throughout London? Mobile bar hire is an ingenious way to ensure that your guests are kept refreshed and happy throughout your event without you having to worry about licences, drinks supplies or the glasses you will need for everyone. Portable bars for hire can be set up wherever you have space within your office leaving you free to enjoy your Christmas office party too.

Venue dressing

Nobody will want to attend an office party in the office if it still looks like the place they come to work every day of the week. If you can, move the desks and chairs out of the office or at least to the edges of the room to create some space for your colleagues to mingle. You may choose to hire a professional venue dresser or buy the decorations and do it yourself, but you can completely change the look of your office with the right decorations. If your party has a theme, casino night for example, then get some décor to match. Even if you just throw around some tinsel and Christmas lights; your co-workers will appreciate you trying to make the office look a little different for your Christmas party.


No one can possible enjoy any kind of party if they are hungry so it is a good idea to think about providing food at your office Christmas party. If your offices are in a building which also has a canteen then you will have the perfect place to prepare food before transferring it to your office to serve. However, if your offices don’t have any kitchens or food preparation areas you may want to consider hiring a caterer. A big advantage of hiring a caterer is that the responsibility is taken off your shoulders and the caterer will organize transport, serving and clearing away of the food.


While you won’t have a whole lot of room to bring in a full band or string quartet, your office Christmas party will need something to create an atmosphere. Music is the best way to do this and you can either go for background music or a full disco. You can do this simply with an MP3 player and speakers or go all out and hire a sound system but nothing dampens a party atmosphere like silence.

With these tips, your in-office party will feel like a real celebration of a good year’s worth of work, and is sure to be one to remember.

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