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How to Get a 5-Star Score Spree on Airbnb


In this day and age comments on social media platforms and feedback from your friends and people means everything. Same goes for businesses, and same can be applied to your Airbnb profile where customer reviews and feedback is critical to success. A good review is 50% of the job already done for you, so what you need to do is absolutely make sure that your reviews are all written with flying colors.

Here you will find some tips on how to improve your Airbnb business and guide you to being a successful Airbnb host through some simple, yet effective practices.

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Be simple and objective when writing a description

Clients will feel most irritated and dissatisfied when they sense they are being lied to. Nobody wants to feel tricked or misled even if it was not done purposefully at all. They might not just lose trust in you as a host, but the idea or Airbnb as a whole, and reconsider using it next time they travel. They might even go to the extreme and write a review worse than the farewell “gift” they left in the toilet.

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Be simple, realistic and most importantly, be sincere. There is nothing a customer will value more than your honesty. Do not try to explain and promise too hard, and all your effort will pay off double in the end.

Keep it clean and tidy

Posting some nice looking photos of your apartment sure is the best way of showing what you offer, but clients will be extremely disappointed when they realize that the beautiful and cozy place they fell in love with in the pictures is messy and stinky in reality.

You can avoid this kind of unpleasantry by hiring a professional cleaning service. They will make sure that your place is clean and shiny for your every new guest, and if you plan to lead a serious Airbnb business with multiple apartments for rent, getting help from a cleaning service is a must.

Make guests feel at home

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There are certain ways you can make your guests feel at home, which is actually a good long-term plan because they will surely express the desire to come back and recommend you to their friends. Here are some things you can do:

  • Get in touch with your guests a few days before arrival and ask if there is anything special they need or if they have any questions.
  • Offer guests who stay longer a cleaning service, they will certainly appreciate it.
  • Make sure you are always available, either via phone, email or social network.

The devil is in the details
Making sure you have some fancy amenities is probably not a big of an expense for you but it will get you reviews you could have only dreamed about. Aside from some basic things like cable TV or Wi-Fi, coffee, tea or cereals in the fridge, some local food for breakfast is surely a nice touch.

I can guarantee that everyone will appreciate that kind of service. You can even go a step further and get a Play Station, a Netflix account, etc. The goal here is to make your guests literally feel at home as much as possible.

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Be prepared for your guests
Airbnb platform offers reviews both for owners and guests. You can study your guests if you check out some of the reviews their hosts left. How often they travel, do they even write reviews, what do they expect and want most, what they like and dislike? You can use all this info to your advantage to customize their time spent and focus on things your guest finds important.

Learn from others
As an owner, you should also travel and check out what other hosts have to offer and how they do it. You can learn a lot from them and use that knowledge to improve your own profile and business.

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