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How to fake confidence


Not everyone is born with overflowing confidence. Some learn to develop and boost it over time while others fail to do so. It’s not their fault, though, for confidence is a tricky thing. It’s believing in your ability to do something albeit not your real ability. As mentioned, it is tricky.

Confidence, among other attributes, is one of the keys to achieve success or reach a goal. Without your self-belief and in your ability to do what needs to be done, it may take you a little while longer or not at all in attaining your goal.

Don’t fret. Though you may think you don’t have enough confidence to wear inside and outside, there are ways you can appear to be. Imagine painting your lips red, wearing sky high heels, or donning your best suit, confidence can be put on at times you need it most.

Yes, the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” rings true. If you’re one of those people who have confidence issues and need a quick boost in time for a keynote presentation, business meeting, for a speech delivery, or in any situation, here are simple and easy ways that will make you feel a lot more confident than you think you are and appear to be.

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Cut the fillers

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Fillers tarnishes the effectiveness of your communication skills and, like, undermines how people, uh, will take you and your message—notice how the fillers words i.e. “like” and “uh” takes away the value of what you’re saying across?

Avoid using filler words and qualifiers such as “just” e.g. “I just want to ask for a follow-up report.” It doesn’t sound professional and exhumes lack of confidence on your authority and role in the organization. Filler and qualifier words make a person seem unsure of yourself and what they’re speaking of. Avoid this as much as you can and you’ll notice people will start taking you more seriously.

Stop caring too much of what others think

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There are people who just can’t do anything valuable with their time so they pique on other’s flaws and mishaps. If you seem to be working with or around people like such, ignore them and focus on what matters in front of you; continue to prove them wrong.

Stand tall, and chin up

Posture is a huge motivator when it comes to faking your confidence. No wonder since our body language speaks for itself. Given that, if your goal is to encompass a confident version of yourself, prevent slouching and other submissive posture that speaks “I’m not sure,” and “I’m not prepared for this task” especially when you’re conducting a business meeting or interview.

Maintain eye contact

Stage fright or feeling nervous may unconsciously direct you to avoid eye contact, however, keep your self-awareness alert and always maintain eye contact when speaking to someone or an audience.

Eye contact is a way of effective communication that keeps a conversation on its fleet. Of course, too much of it is considered rude or condescending, while less of it may imply uneasiness or unpreparedness. How to tell if you’re doing it right? When you find yourself in that situation, imagine as if you’re talking to a close friend, this tactic will help let the eye contact flow naturally.

Dress well

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The way you look speaks volumes about yourself and your professionalism. Present yourself appropriately in business meetings or presentations. Like what they say “dress to impress,” it’s almost always associated with “faking it til you make it.”

Any confidence-boosting tips you know that you’d like to share? Drop a comment below!

About the author: Aside from providing tips and hacks in personal and career development, Chie Suarez is also a resident writer for The Fordham Company—one of Australia’s top celebrity management companies and a major celebrity speakers bureau

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