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How To Drive Safely Among Truckers


As most of us travel busy streets and highways nearly each and every day, it’s important to consider some of the biggest dangers that we face while commuting. There are various factors such as weather conditions, traffic, and distractions that come with the use of technology. However, it’s rarely considered how trucks can pose a potential danger to drivers who may not be accustomed to regularly traveling among them.

Ensuring you and your family are always safe while enjoying a stress-free, fun filled summer road trip should be among the top priorities when planning a trip to your next destination. There are a few things that all families can consider during their commute, and be conscientious of during their commute.


First and foremost, ensure you are allowing yourself enough distance between yourself and other motorists. In particular, traveling too closely to large trucks can not only be dangerous for yourself, but can cause havoc among other motorists as well. In the event a truck driver suddenly pushes his or her brakes, other motorists will quickly have to react in a similar fashion and slow their automobiles down. If cars are following too closely behind, it makes it more difficult for a car to slow down or come to a stop in order to avoid rear-ending a trucker. Make sure you are leaving a minimum of two car lengths between yourself and the truck or car in front of you. Additionally, ensure you are paying close attention to the truck drivers signals and notate when a truck is about to turn or come to a stop.

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Acceleration Time

With any large truck, it’s important to remember the amount of time it takes for the truck to accelerate and become up to speed with the rate of traffic in which the truck is driving with. Larger vehicles require more force to get all gears moving- the same concept applies for commercial trucks. Ensure you are leaving ample space for truck drivers to accelerate, move, and switch lanes. Be sure you remember the amount of force and the time it takes for truckers to move their vehicles when compared to a small car or SUV. Allow the necessary amount of room for trucks to travel to make up for this space.

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Road Conditions

Depending upon the terrain of the landscape in which you are traveling will determine the additional precautions that should be considered when driving among trucks. Driving within desert roads where one lane may be the only option of traveling in one direction can quickly make speedy travelers willing to risk passing trucks. In this case, the driver may be required to travel in oncoming lanes and accelerate quickly to get around a truck. Keep in mind that trucks are much longer than cars so accelerating and safely maneuvering around them will take longer and is more risky if you see oncoming traffic. Furthermore, traveling in mountainous or areas of steep incline and decline may force truck drivers to wear their brakes down quickly. Have you ever seen runaway truck ramps? These have been designed for truck drivers who may experience brake issues and need to quickly stop in order to ensure safety.

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Making Plans, Safely

Are you planning an upcoming summer road trip? Maybe you are driving, or you are traveling among friends. Keeping a close eye on the road conditions and other truckers and motorists traveling alongside you can ensure you successfully reach your vacation destination in a safe and efficient manner.


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