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How To Deal With Child Custody Arrangements


Before you make any permanent, unpremeditated decisions out of your negative, temporary situation that you’ll regret in the future, keep in mind that in order to keep your children close to you, you ought to speak with a lawyer regarding your child custody battle/situation.

Child custody is a serious matter that can be stressful to handle. People in this situation should keep their head clear for them to make conscious decisions, not poor ones that can be made on a whim based on unstable emotions.

Focus on an agreement and don’t waste your time thinking what could happen in court. Lay all your statements and wishes on the table and find a middle ground where you both agree on. Here are a few things you should know in mediating equal parental share with your child/children.


Cooperate with your former spouse

Not every couple who divorces or separates is in good terms. If they have a child/children together, the conflict between them can have an implication on their custody battle. Unless the other person is abusive, toxic, or overall a bad person to surround your child with, collaborate with them to make the process smoother and favorable for the child’s sake. Show the court that you’re both willing to work together and provide your child what they need—family.  

Don’t contravene the custody order

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Picking up your kid after a game in school or someplace else where no prior arrangement was made and known with your co-parent is considered parental abduction. You’ll only make matters worse if you do this. You don’t want to see less of your child, do you? In addition to this, you can find yourself in jail for years in contravention of a custody court order. Yes, the kid is your child and you have every right to see them. But if you have a court order in between, that’s a different situation. Follow what the order says and keep yourself in a safe spot where you can still see your kid so long as it’s pre-arranged.

Arrange parenting plans

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As mentioned earlier, it’s suggested you arrange visitation and parenting plans with your co-parent and go along with the custody order.

Formalization is optional but if you wish, you may make known your parenting plans to the court so if a co-parent contravenes, the court will decide what punishment is appropriate. Also, as mentioned earlier, contravention have its legal consequences.

Work with a child custody lawyer

Couples who are in situations like this fail to focus on what matters most. They put their attention more on the divorce and less on their children and how their setup will go once the divorce is finalised.

Though that is reasonable. Don’t let your child/children suffer in the process. After divorce, child custody is the next thing you and the co-parent will deal with and it will be a difficult process to endure. Make things easier and a much less problematic by hiring and consulting with a child custody lawyer, not just a divorce lawyer. These professionals will help you go through your options and rights (and your co-parent’s) to your children and its extent.

Child custody is a serious matter you should consult with a professional lawyer to get a good grasp of your rights and what your options are given the situation. Any advice you can give to those going through the process? Share it below!

About the author: A huge fan of crime tv shows and films, Chie Suarez also has a knack for writing. She writes for Barwick Boitano Lawyers, a firm of lawyers and legal team offering expert advice and legal solutions to clients in Parramatta and Sydney’s western suburbs since 1991.

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