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How To Choose The Right Curtains For Your Home


Curtains definitely add personality to any room if chosen properly. When doing window treatment, considerations should based on color and fabric, length and lining. Curtains are more than just window dressing because it forms the room’s whole look and atmosphere. It is practical to have them at any kit homes because it provides privacy, warmth and energy-saving benefits.


But with a lot of options – fabrics, patterns and styles – to choose from, it is quite difficult to find the right curtain that will suit your rooms at home. But you can narrow down your choices by following these simple tips from home experts. Read them below:

Take the right measurements

First thing to do is get the right length and width of your window so it will be easy when choosing the size of the curtain. For the length, the measurement will depend of the drape style you will choose. The width measurement should be doubled or tripled to ensure that the curtain will come together in the middle without gap.

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Select the right curtain fabric

When it comes to curtain fabric, there are various options to choose from. The best choices according to curtain manufacturers and expert industry are linen, faux silk and velvet. A fabric style will depend on the style of the room it is going to be hung in. So, you better pick which one will be the best for each room.

Pick the style you want

How your curtains hand and its length will depend on the fabric you will pick. Silk and taffeta is recommended for formal spaces and it has a dramatic effect when hang for a long time. Linen or curtains are more laid-back and it looks great when just barely touching the floor. Pick one that will suit your needs.

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Consider the functionality of the curtain

Aside from the fabric, one should consider the function of the curtain for each room. You can choose a curtain that will provide enough privacy or one that will block light from outside during certain hours of the day. Also, you can change the curtain according to seasons like picking a curtain that will provide insulation in the winter. Create a list that will help you to look after the functionality you would like to get from your new curtains. The list will aid in selecting the appropriate type of fabric as well as determining if you need a single set of curtains or multiple sets of curtains that can be used on different occasions of the year.

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Consider the privacy and views it will give

Curtains are not just decorative stuff at home and not all about form and beauty. Its primary purpose is to give privacy, keeping away any prying eyes. It also helps in offering unabated views with ease. If you are using sheer curtains, you should add more solid layer to provide more privacy other than visual delight.

With these simple pieces of advice from home experts, you will be able to buy the best curtain you will ever have at home.

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