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How To Buy The Best Portable Power Bank For Your Smartphone


“Are you afraid of your smartphone getting switched off frequently?”

If yes then i can definitely understand what it means to have that fear.

Trust me. It can be completely solved. The solution is to buy a power bank. Not only any Power Bank but the best power banks for your smartphones.

Power Banks are the devices that are used to charge our smartphones, mobile phones, tablets or other electronic devices when we don’t have charging available in them.

A lot of time it happens to all of us that we use smartphones a lot for sending emails, sending messages, making calls and tons of other stuff.

In that situation what if there is no battery capacity that is available then we need to charge that smartphone but we will be unable to do it. Because at that place there is no electric power supply available.

Now fortunately enough, a technological advancement is there to help you in this situation which is power bank.


What is a power bank?

In simpler words we can define the power bank as a means to charge our smartphones , tablets or other devices.

The capacity of the device is measured in mah just like the smartphones capacity.

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The working principle of power banks is very simple.

First we charge the power bank when we are near by an electric power supply. Usually as per my experience a power bank generally gets charged within 8 to 10 hours depending on the brand of the power bank.

Now after we have charged the power bank, its time to sit back and relax.

Whenever a need comes to charge our smartphone from power bank then we can perform that very easily with the help of a power bank.

Suppose we are on a picnic and all of a sudden the battery of our smartphone went down, then all we need to do is to take out our power bank, a micro usb cable and transfer the electrical energy from power bank to smartphone.

With the help of this concept, we can charge our power banks at remote locations without any hastle.

Now let us look at the top tips to buy the best power bank for your smartphone

There are several things that you need to look for in a power bank so that you can buy the best power bank for your smartphone.

  1.  Capacity
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First thing that everyone needs to check while buying a power bank is its capacity.

This is one of the major factors that leads to making a power bank an ideal fit for you.

Wondering why?

Let me explain…

Suppose if you are possessing a smartphone whose battery capacity is 3000 mah and you need to have a power bank that can charge the smartphone fully for at least two times. In this case you are going to need a power bank that has a power capacity of 10000 mah.

This is because there are several losses that are involved in energy conversion process which ultimately makes you available power of 7000 to 8000 mah.

The Power output of the power bank also depends on the number of charge/ discharge cycles.

It is obvious that a 5000mah power bank cannot satisfy you expectations here in this case.

To conclude we can say that you should buy a power bank with a capacity and as per your requirements.

2. Portability

Second feature that is present on out list of best portable power banks is portability. The Power Bank should be light weighted and portable. You should buy a power bank that is easily grippable because you would have to pick that power bank in your hand and hold it and there by see whether its worth it or not.

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3. Additional features

There should be some additional features that must be present in the power bank like a led torch, a flashlight , led indicators.

Led indicators are a great way to make sure that there is enough power present in the power bank to charge your smartphone.

Torch is recommended because by switching on the light from the torch, you can have some light across the areas that are dark.

4. Brand

The Power Bank should come from branded companies like ambrane, pny , intex and a lot of other companies.

This is to ensure that the product has great features and is durable as well.

5. Warranty

Your Power Bank should be in warranty period so that even if your power bank gets damaged, you can easily get it repaired without taking any headache.

Warranty plays a huge role in buying a power bank.

Hope the article to power banks has helped you to make your buying decision a better one.

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