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How To Be A Mannerly Guest When Staying In Hotels


As a paying customer, you expect quite a bit from your hotel experience. You ask for a neat and comfortable place to sleep, extra blankets, pillows, and toiletries, access to luxe amenities, and round-the-clock housekeeping services. Comparatively, the members of the hotel staff also want something from you and it’s not that much: observe a good demeanor. Simple.

Sadly, some guests fail to comply with the general rules of courtesy. I, for instance, had seen many hotel guests who seemed like they own the entire building, from a noisy, high-pitched woman in the hallways to a guy who sat on a clean lobby couch while drenched in pool water.

Don’t be that nasty, annoying guest who causes inconvenience to the hotel staff and other guests. Understand these basic etiquette tips and follow them the next time you stay in hotels.


Courtesy to the other hotel guests

1. Shush whenever you’re in a shared space. A basic rule of courtesy: don’t act as if you own the hotel. Start by turning the noise down when you’re in walking down the hallway to or from your hotel room. Remember that sounds and noise echoes in the hallways can be amplified in the rooms and can disturb guests who are trying to relax. Keep your voice as soft as possible, especially before 8 AM and after 10 PM. Same goes with other public areas like elevators, pool area, gym, buffet rooms, and other amenities.

2. Observe the basic elevator etiquette. The folks getting out of the elevator have the right of way, so wait for them to get off before you enter. Fall in line, if you have to, or allow the person ahead of you to get in first. Once you’re inside, wait for other people to load before pushing the button of your destination.

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3. Don’t leave the kids unattended. Next to ensuring their safety, keeping an eye on your kids helps make sure they don’t injure or disturb other guests in the public areas including the corridors, lobby, pool area, and buffet halls. Kids running around the hallway, screaming at the top of their lungs, are probably the last things hotel guest wants to hear in the morning. To keep your kids from engaging in a horseplay, bring something that’ll keep them preoccupied.

4. Don’t roam around wet and filled with sand. Is drying yourself up prior to roaming around too much to ask? Some nasty guests even sit on hotel lobby furniture right after stepping out of the pool. It’s not just nasty and disrespectful. It can also make the floors slippery, thus pose harm. Rinse, dry yourself up, and refrain from walking in the lobby for everyone’s sake!

5. No hoarding at the buffet, please. Just because there’s an abundant supply of food for everybody doesn’t mean you’ll walk in the room balancing five plates, taking food as if you haven’t eaten in days. Take it easy and only get the food you can finish. And please, don’t sneak buffet food into your room.

Courtesy to the hotel staff

6. Don’t make the housekeepers’ task more difficult. Just because you’re offered with a housekeeping service, doesn’t mean you’ll feel entitled. Tidying up a bit and being considerate of the staff would cost nothing.

  • Try not to leave any hard-to-get-rid-of stains in the linen, furniture, and fixtures of the room.
  • Refrain from leaving clothes and bags on your bed; place them on a desk, side chair, or wardrobe provided so housekeepers can easily make the bed.
  • Don’t scatter multiple items all around the floor as well, as it makes cleaning more difficult. Instead, place your stuff in one area.
  • Be considerate with trash disposal. Place all rubbish items in the bins.
  • If you would like to request for fresh towels or bathrobes, simply place the used ones in the tub, shower, or on the bathroom floor, all piled up.
  • Keep your own dirty laundry separate from the hotel’s linens.
  • Place your room service tray outside your door.
  • Please don’t use room kettles to cook food. Why the hell would you do that?
  • Respect your housekeeper’s time, as you’re not the only guest to be serviced. Only ask for them when you really need them. And please, only answer the door when you’re fully dressed.
  • Practice transparency. Be honest with regards to the number of people (and pets) you have in your room. If you have to smoke, let the staff know.
  • Be a gracious guest. Ask for room service or additional pillows etc, in a very polite, considerate manner. Do allow staff adequate time to fulfill your request before making further.
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7. Take consumables, not reusables. Hotels love it when you pack their shampoo, conditioner, soap, bath gel, moisturizers, and dental kit. That’s why they place their brand’s logo on them. But taking the reusables like bathrobes, towels, pillows, glasses, mugs, and other room decors? That would be stealing and they’ll appear on your bill.

8. Be responsible with energy consumption. Who doesn’t love being welcomed by a cold hotel room after getting back from a humid sightseeing trip? Everybody. Wasting energy, however, is just plain irresponsible. When not in use, turn off the lights and air-conditioning units. Additionally, steer clear of wasting too much water in the shower and changing towels more often.

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9. Practice a better way to complain. Screaming, threatening, and narrating a 15-minute story about how upset you are with the rowdy neighbors won’t get you anywhere. If you have to complain, phrase it right. When stating your complaints in the front desk, briefly outline the problem, offer a solution if you have one, and politely ask whom you should speak with to have your concern addressed.

“Should I speak to the manager about this?” is one wonderful question to ask. Another tip is to get the name of the employee you talked to. No need to threaten him or her. A casual “I’ll check again later to make sure everything has been taken care of. Thanks for your help. Jenny, right?” can be an effective approach.

10. Give the staff member the tip he/she deserves. Tip the parking valet, porters, housekeepers, restaurant servers, and other members of the staff who tend to your demands. You’re not forced to tip all the staff members. However, it’s customary to acknowledge some staff members who have run more errands for you, who have been truly helpful, and whose quality of service surpassed what’s asked of them.
Most hotel employees receive minimum wage with the expectation of tips. And when that employee feels that dollar you slipped in his pocket, he’ll do whatever it takes to deserve that tip.

Author Bio: Mina Natividad is one of the writers for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation, a modern hotel in Western Sydney known for their exceptional accommodation, service, and location, which appeals to travelers in Australia. She has always been passionate about giving in to her wanderlust and collecting mementos from different places.

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