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How To Appreciate Cultural Gems Of Mediterranean Europe


Mediterranean Europe is not just a land of unparalleled natural beauty but is also blessed with an equally intriguing cultural heritage. This region displays some of the finest architecture created by man as well as some of the most wonderful paintings in the world. The delectable cuisine, colorful carnivals, and mesmerizing buildings are all symbols of a long and rich history whose glorious relics have survived in the face of time. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the cultural hubs of Mediterranean Europe where you can find some rare historical treasures while immersing yourself in the carefree coastal culture of the region.


Visit Modern Cultural Capital San Sebastian In Spain

Hailed among some of the best places in the world to eat, the restaurants of San Sebastian add to the allure of this beautiful Spanish city. Be it the blissful environment at Playa de la Concha, the most popular beach of San Sebastian, or the lush greenery of Parque de Cristina Enea, this city is home to a number of natural and cultural wonders. Hotel Maria Cristina will transport you to the medieval times with its old-world opulence and the Gothic design of Iglesia de San Vicente will sweep you off your feet. One must also visit the Kursaal, the cultural center of the city which consists of two cubes of translucent glass, to enjoy the musical and cultural events held here throughout the year.

Ave The Architecture Of Valletta On Malta

The capital city of Malta, Valletta is known for its elegant 16th-century mansions that now serve as hotels and restaurants while adding a luxurious feel to the landscape. From the massive collection of armors and weapons at the Grand Master’s Palace to the imposing architecture of the St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the city is replete with historical sites that will appeal to all the lovers of culture. The National Museum of Archaeology houses several relics ranging from stone tools to prehistoric figurines while the Parliament Building displays a modern design and resembles two blocks of stone suspended in the air. This fascinating city beautifully depicts the various facets of the Mediterranean culture.

Relive The Medieval Times Of Dubrovnik In Croatia

The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia is unique because it is guarded by massive stone walls that date back to the ancient times. Besides these fortified walls that contain majestic towers and gates, Dubrovnik is also known for the breathtaking Sponza Palace which is the favorite venue for weddings in Croatia. Other places worth visiting include the Lovrijenac Fort that guards the coastline, the Rector’s Palace that displays fine Gothic architecture, and the Dubrovnik Cathedral that looms over the landscape. The best time to visit is during the carnival season when the streets come alive with the colorful costumes and the joyful festivities that mark the event. If you ever find yourself on a vacation in Croatia, Dubrovnik is the place to be.

These are a few of the places where you can experience the authentic European culture at close quarters and admire its numerous treasures. These delightful places have something for everyone, whether you are a lover of art and architecture or a connoisseur of cuisine. So do plan a trip to these enchanting destinations if you wish to enjoy the diverse flavors of European culture.

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